Kim Wilde (Charlotte Hatherley song)

Song written by Charlotte Hatherley. Recorded and released in 2004 as a download-only single and a track on her debut solo album Grey Will Fade. The name Kim Wilde is not uttered in the lyrics of the song, but these do refer to Kids in America and Chequered Love.

Charlotte Hatherley about 'Kim Wilde'

It was an instrumental for ages and the guitar solo I wanted to sound like the keyboard part in 'Kids in America'. So I stole that and it had a working title of 'Kim Wilde' and then when I put the lyrics to it it didn't have anything to do with Kim Wilde. You know how you have a title for something and it just sticks I couldn't ever think of it as some other title, so I put in the lyrics 'Kids in America' just to kindof have something to tie it in.
But are you a Kim Wilde fan, or have you been one in the 80s?
Not really, I was a bit young for Kim Wilde. I think that it came out when I was four... (1)

Interview source

(1) Interview by Markus Unger, June 2004.