Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde

Song written by Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy. Performed by Laurent Voulzy. Kim has contributed a few lines on this track as well. Originally released in 1986 as a single A-side, later on the single was turned over in favour of the song Belle-Ile-en-Mer Marie-Galante.

Laurent Voulzy about 'Les nuits sans Kim Wilde'

It all started in front of my television. I had already been hearing Kim's songs on the radio but I never had really seen her. And then, that day, there was this videoclip (Dancing in the Dark - MR) on the small screen. I immediately turned on my videotape and recorded it. It was a year and a half, or two years ago. Thereafter, each time Kim was on TV, I recorded her. Thus I found myself with an entirely devoted to her tape. Where did that fascination come from? I don't know, she meant something very important to me. And one evening, while I was composing with Alain Souchon, I played my Kim Wilde videotape. He then asked me why I would not compose a song about these "nights without Kim Wilde". I found that it was a splendid title. It was exactly the kind of song I had wanted to compose at that time. A while later, I even started dreaming: "And what if she agreed to sing on the track!". I succeeded in making her listen to the song. She liked it. She agreed to take part in it as guest star. We recorded her voice in London. It was marvellous. At this point the idea of making a video clip appeared. Which I submitted to her. And once more, she accepted! Working with her is as fabulous as if Peter Pan had come and kissed me goodnight when I was a child! She's got mysterious and moving aspects. She's distant and cordial at the same time, simple and natural. This first videoclip is a great experience in itself, but it turns to a wonderful one working with Kim. (1)

Kim about 'Les nuits sans Kim Wilde'

A French singer, Laurent Voulzy has recorded a song about me. At first I was very sceptical about it, because the French are not known for their great pop songs. But when Laurent came by in our studio, I began to become ever more enthusiastic. It was a great record! So I sang in the song and played in his video. (2)

That was crazy! Laurent sent the song here in the studio and my manager told me that there was a song from a French artist called Laurent Voulzy, whom I didn't know at the time, many years ago. And I thought: 'Come on, that's silly, writing a song about me, I mean, he doesn't even know me, what's he gonna say, this is ridiculous. I didn't even want to hear it.
So my brother put it on and said: 'Kim you really should listen to the song. It's very, very good'. So I put it on and said 'Ooh, it's rather good'. That music, it was very good, very strong. (3)

Interview sources

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