Song written by Ricky Wilde and Terry Ronald. New track included on the compilation album The Very Best of Kim Wilde. It was written and recorded in early 2001 and produced by Rick, Terry and Ian Masterson.


There are three versions of 'Loved': the album version, the Pulsedriver vs. Beam remix (full length club version) and the Pulsedriver vs. Beam remix (single version).


'Loved' was released on 12" single and CD-single in Europe.
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Live performances

'Loved' was performed live during concerts in Belgium only: during the Belfortrock festival in Aalst on August 20, 2005; at the Radio 2 concert in Gent on 19 November 2005; at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels on 21 February 2007; at the Wilkinson American Movie Day concert in Brussels on 3 July 2008; and at Kneistival in Heist on 20 July 2009.

Kim about 'Loved'

Because there was a 'Greatest Hits'-compilation about to be released and the record company demanded to have an unreleased track, I quickly recorded 'Loved' in the studio of my brother Ricky. I still can't believe that the song caught as much attention as it did. (1)

It's six years now that I put an end to my career, but I must admit that the success of this song, like the eighties tour which I did with Paul Young amongst others, made me recall how much I really like to sing. And it is easier today because my voice is finally mature - it is what has happened at 37, 38 years and I have just a few years more (smiles) - and it has a power which it never had. (2)

I enjoy the success of 'Loved'! But as far as I'm concerned, it's just a one-off thing. I still don't have a cd-contract and I am not pursuing it. (3)

Ricky about 'Loved'

Terry came down to my house, I had a studio in my house at that time and we spent a couple of days writing. And 'Loved' was born. I programmed it up and it sounded lovely, I was pretty pleased with it, with Terry doing his guide vocal on it, which was amazing because he's got a lovely voice. And so I played it to Kim, and she said she really loved that. So then we recorded Kim's vocal on it, and then Terry had played it to Ian Masterson and he did a mix on it and absolutely nailed it. It sounded so good and so strong. (4)

Highest chart position

Belgium: 7 (12 weeks)
Finland: 19 (1 week)
Sweden: 45
Switzerland: 68 (4 weeks)

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