LG Internet Family

In May 2002, the London department store Harrods launched its own hi-tech version of the hit show Big Brother, by putting four members of the public in a shop window, completing certain tasks for passers by and viewers on the internet. The participants – Sarah Wooster, Carl Newman, Charlie Parker and Steve Wilson – were selected in an online vote and lived in the shop for a week from 20 May onwards.

On 21 May 2002, Kim visited the LG Internet Family as part of the celebrity challenge for today. In town for the Chelsea Flower Show, Kim showed the LG Internet Family how to make window boxes.

Results from the internet vote were counted at 12 o’clock and elected that the family would make the window boxes blindfold. In a two-hour gardening session, the family had to lay drainage gravel, cover with compost, dig in a variety of plants, and finally sprinkle with a watering can.

They might think they know the place backwards, but it got messy when they couldn’t see what they were doing. Steve and Charlie had to direct a blindfolded Carl and Sarah under the watchful eye of Kim. “They did really well,” she said, “it’s probably the oddest thing I’ve ever done, but all the same it was really good fun.”