Lollies (the)

The Lollies were formed in the Reutlingen district in Germany in 1993. The band consists of Nicola Welsch (vocals), Andreas Welsch (drums, keyboards, bass), Martin Vogel (guitar, trumpet), Klaus Bahnmüller (keyboards, accordeon) and Ulrich Schmauder (bass).

In 1993 they released their first single ‘Feuer und Flamme’. Two years later they met the band Fools Garden, with whom they produced their second single. 

The song Wahnsinn, rewritten by the Lollies and released as a party hit, originally by Wolfgang Petry, was in the top 100 of the media control charts for five weeks under the title ‘Hölle, Hölle, Hölle’. After a few years and more singles and albums, the Lollies wrote a song for the 2008 European Football Championship entitled ‘Adler auf der Brust’, which reached number 64 in the German charts. 

In 2007 they released the album ‘Live Hits – Tour 2007’, which featured a cover version of Kids in America, recorded live.