No Secrets

All-girl group consisting of Angel Marie Faith (Born 8 January 1988 in Los Angeles, USA), Carly Sarah Lewis (Born 26 July 1985 in London, UK), Erin Tanner, Jade Alexis Kapololu Ryusaki-Gaspar (Born 5 January 1988 in Hollywood, USA) and Jessica Allison Megan Fried (Born 25 July 1986 in Los Angeles, USA).

Their first claim to fame was a guest appearance on an album by another young star, Aaron Carter. In 2001, they recorded a cover of Kim Wilde’s Kids in America for the soundtrack of the movie Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2002. In 2003, they released a cover version of Atomic Kitten’s ‘Whole Again’. Angel Marie Faith left the band to pursue a solo career, just as they were putting finishing touches on the band’s second album ‘Friends Forever’. Disagreements between the remaining four members of the group led to the eventual break-up of No Secrets in March 2005.

Jessica Fried took on a solo career, signing with Reprise Records under the name Jessi Malay. Erin Tanner adopted the stage name Nicki Foxx and began working on solo material. Jade Ryusaki now resides in Hawaii as a model.