Song written by Kim Wilde. Third track of the album Wilde Winter Songbook.

Live performances

‘One’ was performed live during a concert in Saasveld (Netherlands) on 14 December 2013 only.

Kim about ‘One’

Last Christmas, via ‘Twitter’, I became aware of a new ‘Christmas’ album by Tracey Thorn called ‘Tinsel and Lights’. Having always been a fan of hers since the early 80’s in her post punk band ‘The Marine Girls’, and then after with Ben Watt in ‘Everything But the Girl’, I immediately got myself a copy. Tracey had written a beautiful new song called ‘Joy’, which I fell in love with. Completely inspired, I decided then and there that I too wanted to create my very own Christmas album. I sat down at my piano and wrote this song – the first song for the album – and then recreating the piano part at RAK Studios in front of my hugely talented band was a nerve-wracking experience. The beautiful and tender string arrangement by my drummer, Jonathan Atkinson, touches my heart every time I listen to it. (1)


Piano: Kim Wilde
String arrangement: Jonathan Atkinson
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Recorded at RAK Studios, London
Mixed by Ricky Wilde & Sean Vincent at RAK Studios, London
Engineered by Sean Vincent, assisted by Robbie Nelson & Helen Atkinson

Interview source

(1) Track by track, website (UK), November 11, 2013


Here we are on a winter’s day,
It’s colder than cold outside,
But warmer than warm we’ll stay.
Here in our hearts,
Where we’ve made our home
We’ll dress the tree,
Just you and me.

As, one by one,
Out from the box they’ll come
Shiny as new,
Memories of Christmases past we’ve been through,
Me and you
We are One.

Spring will come,
Summer just goes so fast,
Autumn the leaves will fall,
Another year will pass.
So let’s treasure each day like it was the last,
These symbols of joy, are more than just toys.

As, one by one,
Out from the box they’ll come,
Shiny as new,
Memories of Christmases past we’ve been through,
Me and you,
We are One.

Shining bright, oh what a beautiful sight,
On this winter’s night,
Let’s celebrate all the good things in our life,
Man and wife,
We are One.