Our town

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Second track of the album Kim Wilde.

Live performances

‘Our town’ was performed live during the Debut Tour in 1982 only.

Marty about ‘Our town’

We put this track down and, with all the synthesizers on, it just sounded like a city song. It’s written for the kid who lives in an area he should really get out of. So many youngsters in this generation are crowded into badly designed housing schemes – and when old enough to be independent, they should get out into the world and explore. If our song influences young people to think about that possibility, then the song succeeds. (1)

Interview source

(1) The official fan club for Kim Wilde: Introductory magazine, 1981


This is our town, this is my place
This is where my whole world is lived in
Nothing much, and just out of reach of all the city lights
It’s a high town, it’s a low town
It’s get here, come on you grow town
No-one does, but everyone thinks they’re gonna make it soon

This is one place I respected
Now I feel it’s really dejected
No-one cares and the people just stare
And a man on the box says
“Hey you, don’t walk away, vote for me
You’ll get more pay, keep working hard”
But they work slow

Here it comes now, Sunday morning
Just another sleepy town yawning
Down below everything looks just like another day
But, in the warm glow of the sunrise
There’s a child who’s searching with young eyes
Looking ’round and feeling inside he’s gonna fly away

There was one time I was leaving
But the folks around me kept grieving
Friends said go, but my dad said no
And my mum kept saying
“Don’t go, don’t go away – don’t leave us
You’ve got to stay – just raise them kids”
Oh mother no

No prospects, just projects
Don’t try to tell me we’re living
There’s no real need to try
Can’t you see this town gonna die

Hail the new age, it’s a rat cage
Join the place for breeding dumb spieces
All stacked up and doing whatever someone tells them to
Burn the place down, make it dead ground
Show the people just what they’re missing
Wake up, wake up, can’t you believe in what I’m telling you

There’s the house where I was born in
Now it’s changed without any warning
Cranes just crash and bricks just smash
While a billboard’s saying
“Let’s go, let’s get away – come fly me
You’ve weeks to pay – when sunshine calls”
But I won’t go

This is our town