Rage to Love

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Fifth track of the album Teases & Dares. The song was released on single in March 1985.


There are three versions of 'Rage to Love': the album version, a 7" version remixed by Dave Edmunds and an extended version.


The track was released as a 7" single and 12" single. A shaped picture disc also appeared in the UK, containing the 7" single tracks.
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Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the single.
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Live performances

'Rage to Love' was performed live during the Rage to Rock Tour in 1985 only.

Cover versions

'Rage to Love' has been covered by Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats in 1997.

Kim about 'Rage to Love'

I think 'Rage to Love' was a brilliant record. We got Dave Edmunds to remix that and it sounded very Stray Cats-ish. But I just thought it had the best energy of any record from that time, unlike myself. I didn't have an awful lot at that time. I kinda let things go, lost control a bit, became a bit jaded. (1)

Ricky about 'Rage to Love'

Dave Edmunds was the obvious choice to come in and mix it, because he worked with the Stray Cats and he got that amazing sound for 'Runaway Boys' and I thought that's what it needed. And he came in, bless him, he said he just wanted to do it. Didn't want to talk about money or payment or anything. He said 'Look, I just want to do it'. He came in and he spent the whole day and I literally deliberately went out and just did - I don't remember where I went but I just wanted to stay away so I could come back in with fresh ears. What he did with that track, he just transformed it. I mean, it did sound great when I left it, but when I came back it sounded amazing! What he'd done with all the drums and the bass and the slapbass on it, it was just fantastic. (...) I think we paid him with a crate of champagne. (2)


Drums: Chris North
'61 Gibson Barney Kessel, '57 Fender Stratocaster, '55 Gibson (Scotty Moore) ES 295, Backing vocals: Steve Byrd
Roland Jupiter 8, Solina, Mini Moog, Synclavier II, backing vocals: Ricki Wilde
Produced by Ricki Wilde and Marty Wilde.
Engineer: Nigel Mills with thanks to Stephen Stewart-Short and Pete Schwier.

Highest chart positions

Australia: 94
Germany: 45 (6 weeks)
United Kingdom: 19 (8 weeks)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde In: Record Collector (UK), September 1993
(2) Unsung Heroes podcast, 17 July 2021

Audio file
Rage to Love - radio advert