Real Wild Child

Song written by O'Keefe, Greenan & Owens. Kim Wilde and her band performed this song, originally recorded by Iggy Pop, live.

Live performances

'Real Wild Child' was performed live during the Hits Tour in 1994, during a concert at Tivoli in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2003, and during a concert on 17 June 2006.

Kim about 'Real wild child'

I've always loved Iggy's version which I have in my collection, so I decided it was about time I did one myself. It was a song the whole band looked forward to do and developed into quite a production by the end of the tour. Rick invariably broke a string, had blood pouring from his fingers, and occasionally whacked me on the head as he wielded his guitar in true rock fashion!

Audio file
Real Wild Child - Live in Gross Gerau (Germany), 3 June 1994