Run to you

Song written by Christian Olsson, Mathias Nilsson & Linda Sundblad. Recorded in RAK studios in London on May 5, 2009, 'Run to you' is a duet of the Swedish band Fibes, oh Fibes! with Kim Wilde. A short clip from the recording session appeared on YouTube in May 2009.

The song was included on the latest album by Fibes, oh Fibes!, '1987', released on September 2, 2009. At the same time, the song was released as a single (digital download only).

TV performances

Chart performance

Sweden: 24


Vocals: Kim Wilde, Christian Olsson
Backing vocals: Linda Sundblad, Christian Olsson
Piano: Christian Olsson
Rhodes: Erik Dahl
Guitar, keyboards & programming: Mathias Nilsson
Bass: Edvin Edvinson
Drums: Martin Blomberg
Mixed by Anders Hvenare
Produced by Mathias Nilsson & Christian Olsson