Remember Me

Song written by Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson. The song is written from the view of a spurned woman who requests that her ex-boyfriend remembers her for all the positive things she had brought to his life.

Diana Ross version

Diana Ross recorded the song for her 1971 album ‘Surrender’. Released as the lead single from the album, it reached number 7 in the UK singles chart.

Kim Wilde version

Kim Wilde recorded a cover of ‘Remember Me’ for her 2011 album Snapshots.


There are seven versions of ‘Remember Me’: the album version, the ‘mixed but not mastered’ version on the promotional cd of ‘Snapshots’, plus five remixes by Vinny Vero & Steve Migliore: club mix, dub, instrumental, single mix and synthapella.

Live performances

‘Remember me’ was performed live during the Snapshots & Greatest Hits Tour in 2012 only.

Kim about ‘Remember Me’

In 1970 I was ten years old, I was really mad about music even at that age. I was very lucky because there was a lot of very cool music being played in the house. My dad had an amazing record collection and so I remember a lot of Motown being played and I remember loving Diana Ross’s voice particularly. In 1970 she released ‘Remember me’. I already knew her songs from earlier but I really particularly loved this one. And of course years later I went on to record ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ by the Supremes and Diana and so I feel an affinity with her because of that in a way, but to me she is the ultimate diva. I think she’s my all time favourite female artist in that pop genre. She’s just a class act. (1)


Bass guitar: Ricky Wilde
Guitars: Neil Jones & Ricky Wilde
Keyboards: Andrew Murray
Additional vocals: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde & Scarlett Wilde
Produced by Ricky Wilde & Andrew Murray
Vocal production: Ricky Wilde
Additional engineering: Pascal Magdinier

Interview source

(1) Track by track commentary, Sony Music, 2011.


Bye baby, see you around
Didn’t I tell you I wouldn’t hold you down
Take good care of yourself, y’hear
Don’t let me hear about you shedding a tear
You’re gonna make it
You’re gonna take it

Remember me as a sunny day
That you once had, along the way
Didn’t I inspire you a little higher
Remember me as a funny clown
That made you laugh when you were down
Didn’t I boy, didn’t I boy

Remember me as a big balloon
At a carnaval that ended too soon
Remember me as a breath of spring
Remember me as a good thing

Bye baby, see you around
I already know about the new love you’ve found
What can I do but wish you well
What we had was really swell
I won’t forget it, I have no regrets

Remember me as a sound of laughter
And my face the morning after
Didn’t the sky beckon us to fly?
Yes, you’l remember the times we fought
But don’t forget me in your tender thoughts
Please darlin’ oh yeah

Remember me when you drink the wine
Of sweet success and I gave you my best
Remember me with every song you sing
Remember me as a good thing

Remember me as a sunny day
Please darling, remember me as a good thing
Remember me when you drink the wine
Remember me as a good thing
Remember me as a big balloon
Don’t forget me darling