Rottrová, Marie

Marie Rottrová was born in Ostrava-Hrušov (Czech Republic) on 13 November 1941. She was born and raised in a musical family, with her mother a singer and her father an organist. She initially started working as a bank clerk but after participating in a talent show in Ostrava she was discovered and became a member of groups like Františka Trnka, Octect, Samuel, Majestic and the Flamingos. Her first LP with the Flamingos was recorded in 1970. This self-titled debut album in the Czech language was re-recorded a year later in English as ‘This is Our Soul’. Several solo albums followed during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

In 1983 she released the solo single ‘Skorápky Orechu’, which features a cover version of Action City in the Czech language, entitled ‘Já Tvé Sny Znám’. Both tracks were never included on an album. Rottrová still performs and records these days, although she never became as prolific as she was during the previous century.