Running Scared

1986 movie starring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines as two Chicago cops who decide to retire and go to Florida. They only have to hunt down a vicious drug dealer first. The soundtrack features Say You Really Want Me by Kim Wilde.

Kim about ‘Running Scared’

Running Scared is this awful film that came out in 1986 and “Say you really want me” is actually on the soundtrack. You don’t actually hear it that much in the film. I think it comes on the radio at some point and you hear a tiny snatch of it. My record company in America asked me to do it, saying it would be a good profile to be in this film. I watched the film subsequently and it’s just really boring – trying to be funny when it wasn’t. The plot was dull and predictable, the script was awful and I was rather sad that my record was associated with it. (1)

Interview source

(1) My least favourite things In: Smash Hits (UK), 1987