Running Together

Song written by Marty Wilde and recorded on his album of the same name, released in 2020. It features vocals by his daughters Roxanne and Kim.

Marty about ‘Running together’

“When I wrote it, it was quite a serious song for me in some ways. It was dedicated to… it was written about my family, all my family, my wife and my children and doing things together. I was at a charity event that I had to go to and I watced all these runners, we set off all these runners, and I watched them and I remember seeing these two people, they were holding hands, and I thought ‘wow’. Running together is something you can say about life, it can be your marriage, it can be you and your family, it could be you and your football team, it can be, you know, people that stay with things. Two people are stronger than one person, nearly every time. Running together is about people.” (1)

Interview sources

(1) Memory Lane 80s, 18 July 2020.