Rutter, John

Photographer of celebrities from the world of music and movies, John Rutter was approached to make photos for the sleeve of Kim Wilde’s Love Moves album and the singles from that album. He also photographed for XTC, Cerrone, Vitamin Z and Poison.

In 1992, at age 19, Cameron Diaz was photographed and videotaped topless for an S&M leather fashion lingerie editorial by John Rutter, photographer, and Clifford Wright, as producer for an editorial for Max Magazine Italy. They were never released. Rutter approached Diaz in 2003, ahead of the release of ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle’, offering to sell the pictures and video to her for $3.5 million before attempting to sell them to prospective buyers. He stated that he was offering her first right of refusal to them; she saw it as attempted blackmail and sued him. In July 2004, the 30-minute video of the photoshoot, entitled She’s No Angel, was released on a Russian website. Rutter denied releasing it. On 26 July 2005, Rutter was convicted of attempted grand theft, forgery, and perjury. On 16 September 2005, Rutter was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison.