Song written by John Henry Fitch & Reuben Cross. Originally performed by Evelyn 'Champagne' King in 1978, it was a major hit.
Kim recorded her cover version in 1996.
The original version of this track was released on the French compilation The Singles Collection in 1996. For the UK single release the track was remixed by Jupiter. The single was released in the UK only. Originally scheduled for release on 2 September 1996, but released four weeks later.
The single wasn't a big success. The promotional 12" singles, however, ended up no. 1 in the club charts in September.


There are seven versions of 'Shame': the original version, Jupiter's radio mix, Jupiter's 12" mix, Matt Darey's vocal mix, Matt Darey's dub, T'empo's club mix and T'empo's dub mix.
There were a couple of remixes from DJ remix services, such as a remix by Paul Goodyear for Ace, a remix by John Moffett for REMIX! and a remix by Steve Bourasa for Direct Hit.


'Shame' was released on 12" single, cassette single and CD-single.
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Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the single.
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The auditions for the video of 'Shame' were apparently the subject of a video by Cerith Wyn Evans called Kim Wilde Auditions.

Live performances

'Shame' was performed live during the Snapshots & Greatest Hits Tour in 2012 only.

Kim about 'Shame'

I've always loved the song and happened to notice it on the jukebox in the youth club scene of Tommy. (1)

Highest chart position

United Kingdom: 86