Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. It was inspired by the movie Shane. It appeared as the B-side to Chequered Love in 1981.
Thirteen years later, Marty recorded the song himself, on his album Solid Gold.
'Shane' was first released on cd on the promotional cd-single Un Bouquet de Rock, and then on the compilation cd More of the Best.

Marty about 'Shane'

One night I was watching Shane on TV, and suddenly it dawned on me that I was watching a cinematic masterpiece. The film contains some of the finest acting performances in the history of celluloid. The understated way in which Alan Ladd played Shane was an inspiration to me - as, I'm sure, it has been to millions of others over the years. I wrote the lyrics to the song to Alan Ladd and the spirit he leaves behind - a tenderness and gentlemanliness that sometimes seems to have passed us by. (1)

Kim about 'Shane'

This song was written by Ricky and Dad, about the movie "Shane". Western, very sad. Sad to tears. Dad looked at it and immediately wrote a song about it. (2)

Interview source

(1) "Solid Gold" CD booklet
(2) Why does your daddy let you go alone?, Džuboks (Yugoslavia), September 11, 1981