Song written by Kim Wilde. Ninth track of the album Teases & Dares. Along with Fit In this was one of the first two songs that were released, written by Kim Wilde herself. Not too confident about her songwriting abilities, she apparently had been writing two years before releasing her first two own compositions.


There are four versions of 'Shangri-la': the album version, the 7" version (released as the B-side of The Touch), the extended version and a special remix featured on the LP Debut.

Live performances

'Shangri-la' was performed live during the Rage to Rock Tour in 1985 only.

Kim about 'Shangri-la'

'Shangrila' is a typical British expression of a paradise condition, which everyone is searching for in life. What belongs in that, is different for everyone - which is why this lyric is poetic, leaves lots of things open. (1)


Yamaha DX 7, Mini Moog: Kim Wilde
'62 Fender Jazz Bass, Roland Jupiter 8, Solina, Synclavier II: Ricki Wilde
Arranged by Kim Wilde
Produced by Ricki Wilde and Marty Wilde.
Engineer: Nigel Mills with thanks to Stephen Stewart-Short and Pete Schwier.

Interview source

(1) Snapshot Popcorn (Germany), November 1984