Stereo shot

Song written by Ricky Wilde & Scarlett Wilde.
Fourth track on the album Here come the aliens.

Kim about 'Stereo shot'

'Stereo shot' was written by my brother Ricky Wilde, and his daughter Scarlett Wilde, who also did the artwork for the album. Scarlett's had a massive input on this project and I'm so happy that she has. She wrote this song inspired by the power and the magic of production. The song really talks a lot about the way that sounds make you feel. I loved the song when she played it to me. (Track by track video, YouTube, March 15, 2018)


Drums: Jonathan Atkinson
Bass: Paul Cooper
Guitar: Neil Jones
Keyboards, guitar: Ricky Wilde
Backing vocals: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde & Scarlett Wilde