Shaka Ponk

Shaka Ponk was founded in Paris in 2004 by Frah, C.C., Steve, Thias and Bobee O.D. Predominantly an electronic rock band, they mix different forms of pop music, punk rock and world music into their songs.

They released their debut album ‘Loco con da Frenchy talkin’ in 2006. The album was not a commercial success. The follow-up ‘Bad porn movie trax’ (2009) scraped the lower regions of the Belgian and French albums chart. In 2011 the band added a female singer, Samaha Sam, and made an impression with their third album, ‘The geeks and the jerkin’ socks’. Around that time they also performed a cover version of Kim Wilde’s Kids in America during live and TV performances.

The band released two albums simultaneously in 2014, titled ‘The White Pixel Ape (Smoking Isolate to Keep in Shape)’ and ‘The Black Pixel Ape (Drinking Cigarettes to Take a Break)’.