She Hasn’t Got Time for You

Song written by Ricky, Kim and Marty Wilde. A track included on the album Another Step. It was also the B-side of the American 7″ single of Say You Really Want Me.
Kim re-recorded the track two years later, it was then called She Hasn’t Got Time for You ’88.

Live performances

‘She hasn’t got time for you’ was performed live during the Another Step tour in 1986 only.


Drums: Matthew Letley
Bass guitar: Gary Twigg
Fairlight III keyboards, Backing vocals: Ricky Wilde
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Engineered by Peter Wade Schwier


I heard you’re out on your own
Guess it’s strange now you’re living without love
You’d think all those years
Would mean something
But it’s over she’s had enough
Don’t you know it’s always hard at the start . . .
To change
When you look round and someone’s broken Your heart
Afraid to fall in love

She hasn’t got time for you
But don’t be afraid to fall in love
I think you knew from the start
She would break up your heart
She hasn’t got time for you
But honey don’t be afraid to fall
Just take a look in my eyes
Come and give it a try

So now she’s out on her own
Talking cheap and laughing about your love
The whispers you hear should tell you something
Cos it’s over and she’s playing rough
Could have told you such a long time ago
You wouldn’t listen cos you don’t want to know
That she was bad from the start
And now she’s breaking your heart