Shoot to Disable

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Seventh track of the album Catch as Catch Can.


There are three versions of ‘Shoot to Disable’: the album version, the rough mix and the original mix.

Live performances

‘Shoot to disable’ was performed live during the Catch Tour in 1983 only.


Flute, saxophone: Gary Barnacle
Lead guitar, backing vocals: Steve Byrd
Bass guitar, backing vocals: Mark Hayward Chaplin
Drums: Trevor Murrell
Keyboards, bass, guitar, Linn programmes, synclavier, backing vocals: Ricky Wilde
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Engineer: Pete Schwier, Will Gosling, Simon Schofield, Keith Fernley


Mirrored in your face
Is a look that says it all
Boy I’m slow
I’ve been uncertain
Just couldn’t be sure
Now I know

You say it’s over
But just how long have you known
(You better go now)
But as you leave me

Shoot – Shoot to disable
Shoot – Shoot to disable

Maybe I got careless
Maybe it’s true
I ran too fast
But on recollection
It didn’t do much
So I pass

You’re such a hard man
Why can’t you take steady aim
(Just get it over with)
Don’t fool around now

Shoot – Shoot to disable
Shoot – Shoot to disable

Oh, what a fool I was to love