Short-term Affair

Song written by Steve Coogan. Title of the song which Kim sang in a duet with Steve Coogan in the role of Tony Ferrino during the BBC television program The Tony Ferrino Phenomenon, broadcast on 1 January 1997 and later released on DVD.


Tony: It’s a short-term affair
You’re my childrens’ au-pair
But I just couldn’t bear
Both: To keep my hands off you

Kim: I was barely eightteen
What you did was obscene
But to me it felt clean
Both: What else was I to do?

Tony: The memory still lingers
You cooking the kids’ fishfingers

Kim: Each morning you’d come down
In your paisley dressing gown
Then you’d see [? – undecipherable]
and this yearning started
For a short-term affair
Tony: No intention to stray
Kim: I was caught in your snare
Tony: But my wife was away
Kim: You were so debonair
Tony: So I thought what the hey
Both: I know I can’t resist

Tony: It was a short-term affair
Kim: You’re the man, you’re the boss
Tony: When I found you right there
Kim: Like the father I lost
Tony: Cleaning our silverware
Kim: So to hell with the cost
Both: Right there I was [? – undecipherable]

Kim: You took me to the kitchen
Your hands kindof started twitching
I felt so shy
Tony: Nothing could stop what followed
Right before me you swallowed
every lie
Both: But Lord knows why we had
This short-term affair

Both: Just a short-term affair
Like a red camembert
There’s a smell in the air

Kim: I know that it’s over now
Tony: Try to be strong somehow
Kim: I’ll start a brand new life
Tony: Please, please don’t tell my wife
Kim: But I won’t stop loving you
Tony: Please, please don’t tell my wife
Kim: Au revoir, ciao, auf wiedersehen
Tony: We must never meet again

Both: Short-term affair
Kim: Ooh
Both: Short-term affair
Kim: Baby baby baby
Both: Short-term affair
Tony: Ooh aa-aah
Both: Short-term affair