This Paranoia

Song written by Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde, Fredrik Thomander and Anders Wikström. Ninth track on the album Come Out and Play.

Live performances

'This paranoia' was performed live during the Come Out and Play Tour in 2011.

Kim about 'This Paranoia'

On this track I'm especially proud because I could move my son Harry to play a guitar solo. He has been playing some really good electric guitar for years, and I thought this piece could be a great challenge for him. He actually came on admission to the studio and played, and the rest of us held our breath and thought only, wow! (1)


Bass: Ricky Wilde
Guitars: Ricky Wilde, Neil Jones
Guitar Solo: Harry Fowler
Drums & Keys: Andrew Murray
Backing Vocals: Kim Wilde & Ricky Wilde
Mixed by Bob Kraushaar at Acton Marina, London
Produced by Ricky Wilde & Andrew Murray

Interview sources

(1) Kim Wilde: Comeback of a power woman - Come out and play interview. In: Vip-Chicks website (Germany), August 17, 2010