Tuning in Tuning On

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Tenth and last track of the album Kim Wilde.

Live performances

'Tuning in Tuning On' was performed live during the Debut Tour in 1982, the Catch Tour in 1983 and the Perfect Girl Tour in 2007.

Marty about 'Tuning in Tuning On'

Originally, we weren't going to put this on the album, but there's been such a lot of interest in this B-side of Kids in America, and Rick gave it such a fantastic riff that it sounded sort of freaky. I said, "Oh you must finish it off, it sounds a very eerie kind of track". I wasn't sure of what kind of lyric I'd write but in about an hour I had the title and then thought of a theory I had about sound being alive and not dead. So I wrote the lyrics around this pet theory of mine and later discovered that there is an actual sect of yogi's in the East who genuinely belive that sounds are alive and live on, so basically I'd like to think that's true. (1)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde Fanclub Introductory Magazine