Take Me Tonight

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Seventh track of the album Select. This track was also released as the B-side to the 7″ and 12″ single View From a Bridge.

In Japan, this track was also released as a single, in support of the movie Shadow.


Three versions of ‘Take Me Tonight’ have been released.
The album version was released in 1982.
The original mix was released in 2020.
A remix by Luke Mornay, entitled the Luke Mornay Profondo Giallo Mix, was released in 2024.

Live performances

‘Take me tonight’ was performed live during the Debut Tour in 1982 and the Catch Tour in 1983.

Marty about ‘Take me tonight’

One night I’d finished working in a show and I quickly changed and went out very quietly and stood in the bar in this disco and like a voyeur I stood in the darkness and watched everybody else making plans for that particular night. I tried to put myself in the position of how Kim would feel and the kind of things that Kim would say – I hope I got it right.


Lost in the dark the lovers embrace
As the last song plays
Everyone makes for home
Now it’s just me and you alone

And I won’t really care if we can’t meet again
You just live your life
I’m just a night to pass
You’re just a dream that couldn’t last

Take me tonight
Take me tonight
Take me tonight
I want you, I want you – want me too ?

No way of knowing just where my life’s going
Who cares if it’s wrong or it’s right
When all I believe in is just how I’m feeling
Tonight, oh, take me

Take me tonight
Take me tonight
Take me tonight
I want you, I want you