Hunt for Zero Point (the)

Song from the band Sonic Hub which features Kim Wilde on vocals.
It was written after Sean Vincent read the book of the same name, written by Nick Cook in 2002. The book details one man’s journey to discover the truth behind the myth that is ‘anti-gravity’ propulsion and the associated technologies.
When it came to writing songs for Sonic Hub’s 2006 album ‘Eye of the Storm’, Sean had already persuaded Rick Wilde to read the book and before long Sean had got the basics of ‘Zero Point’ recorded. He wanted to create a piece that captured the mystery, underhand dealing and downright weirdness of the book’s awesome story. With Rick’s help, Sean feels he’s captured exactly that.
When it came to adding the vocal, Sonic Hub knew that they wanted to continue their theme of taking artists out of their comfort zone, which is why they asked Kim to do the opera style vocal. A world away from Kim Wilde’s usual pop/rock style, she did a stunning performance, adding a finishing touch to this eerie and unusual electro-dance track.

In January 2007, Sean from Sonic Hub met Nick Cook in London for chat about the book, the song, and generally about all things related to the subject. Sean went armed with questions about the some of the book’s unsolved mysteries and the pair exchanged a signed copy of the album and a signed copy of the book.
Sean said of the meeting, “It was a fantastic opportunity to meet someone i really admire and then pick his brains! Nick is a thoroughly nice bloke who obviously loves his work and his enthusiasm about the song really makes it all worthwhile. To be able to chat to the author of my favourite book over a beer is just fantastic…and it’s not lost on me that this is a rare perk of the business we’re in.”

Nick Cook responded: “I was amazed when Sean first wrote to me to say that Sonic Hub had produced a track inspired by The Hunt For Zero Point, but, then again, the book does seem to have had an impact on people I’d never have guessed at when I sat down to write it five years ago. I love the track, am very happy that Kim Wilde is featured on it, and think it captures the essence of the book – a mixture of the sense of wonder, mystery, threat and hope that I felt when I went out on the road to research it. I wish Sonic Hub, Eye of the Storm and everyone involved in it every success with an album that deserves to do very well …”


There are twoversions of ‘The hunt for zero point’: the album version and The Long Firm’s Twitchy mix.

Kim about ‘The Hunt for Zero Point’

When Kim was asked about recording the Sonic Hub track and whether she enjoyed doing opera vocals, she replied: “I did. I remember when I first met Hal, he used to play me lots of different kinds of music I never sat down and listened to before. One of the things he used to play a lot to me was this beautiful music by Górecki. Do you know it? It’s (Symphony of Sorrowful songs – ed.). It’s actually used quite a lot in MTV and documentaries and stuff. It’s extremely haunting and very very moving, very very beautiful. So when Ricki asked me to do that I did think of Górecki and I thought I’d like to do more of that sort of singing. I’ve got the sort of physical power now to find notes from that place where opera singers sing. I’m not trained in that way. But my husband Hal is very interested, and can sing opera very well. It does interest me.” (1)

Interview source

(1) Kim answers fan questions – A Wilde Life Exclusive!


The hunt for zero point

[opera style vocals by Kim Wilde]

The hunt for zero point

“Do you ever wonder if you’re even awake?”
“Sonic Hub Sonic Hub do you read me? This is Sonic Hub 1…”

The hunt for zero point