Very Best of Kim Wilde [Indonesia] (the)

Indonesian cassette featuring 21 tracks, ranging from ‘Kids in America’ to ‘Say you really want me’. It contains four 12″ remixes and some album tracks. Not released officially.


The album contains the tracks You Keep Me Hangin’ On (12″ extended mix), Schoolgirl (Head-mastermix), The Second Time (Extended version), Cambodia, View From a Bridge, Love Blonde, Kids in America, Chequered Love, Can You Hear It, House of Salome, Dancing in the Dark, Water on Glass, Everything We Know, Janine, Stay Awhile, The Touch, Bladerunner, 2 6 5 8 0, You’ll Never Be So Wrong, Dancing in the Dark (Nile Rodgers 12″ version), Young Heroes and Say You Really Want Me.


‘The Very Best of Kim Wilde’ was released on tape only.
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