Tom Duke & Grønærten

Tom Duke met Marie-Louise in 2004, when he started a sports team for visually impaired children. He recorded an album to benefit children with cancer, using some of the children from the sports team as a choir. Marie-Louise enjoyed being in the studio.

During a live performance near her home, Tom asked her on stage and she sang along to some of the songs. They continued to perform live together from time to time.

On 2 August 2007, Tom Duke & Grønærten, as they called themselves, performed live at the Langelandsfestival in Denmark. One of the songs they performed was a cover version of Kids in America, since Kim was also on the bill. Marie-Louise and Kim briefly met backstage, singing Kids in America together. Tom Duke & Grønærten subsequently recorded ‘Kids in America’ in the studio for the release of an EP, released later in the year.

Although the two don’t perform together anymore, Tom Duke is still going strong, performing live on Danish festivals, most notably the Langelandsfestival where he has performed every year since 1993.