Top 2000 Volume 3: Wonderful world

Book about the Top 2000, the annual list of hits of all times broadcast on Radio 2 at the end of the year. This book takes the reader through some of the songs, using the theme of cities and countries. Kim Wilde’s ‘Cambodia’ is the theme of one of the articles, included on page 58 to 63. It features a picture of the sleeve of the single plus a portrait of Kim.

Release date: 1 October 2010
Written by: Various authors
Publisher: L.J. Veen
Number of pages: 252
ISBN: 9789020410662
Book description:
Why did The Beatles write about ‘Penny Lane’? How is Bob Marley remembered in Jamaica? What is the story behind the band name Boston? How has ‘Over de muur’ shaped our image of Berlin? What did Midnight Oil’s eighties hit ‘Beds Are Burning’ mean to the Australian Aborigines? And where is ‘La Isla Bonita’ located? Every place in the world has a beautiful pop story – whether it’s about the title of a song, the cradle of a type of music, or about the birthplace of an artist. Following the successful Radio 2 book ‘Greetings from Grolloo’, ‘Top 2000 Volume 3. Wonderful World’ takes the reader on an exciting musical journey. But where the aforementioned book was limited to the Netherlands, ‘Wonderful World’ crosses national borders. On this journey around the world in 2000 songs, the most special and heartwarming stories from the treasure trove of pop music are unearthed, as always accompanied by surprising lists and beautiful photos.