Tři Sestry

The pub rock band Tři Sestry formed in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1985. As one of the country’s most popular rock bands, they played live extensively and have released over a dozen albums between 1985 and now.

The band consists of František Moravec, Tomáš Doležal, Veronika Borovková, Ronald Seitl, Zdeněk Petr, Franta Vrána, Martin Roušar and Rostislav Cerman.

Their 1993 album 25:01, which coincidentally lasts exactly for 25 minutes and one second, starts with an 18 second clip from Kim Wilde’s Kids in America, followed by the track ‘Widle’, which is a two minute cover version of the song by the band.

Since then, they have released new albums roughly every two years.