Virtual World

Song written by Ricky and Kim Wilde. Not included on the album Love Moves, this track was released as the B-side of the single It's Here (Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) in France). Written in 1989 or 1990, this song is somewhat prophetic, as it describes things that are basically already being made possible nowadays.

Kim about 'Virtual World'

It was quite Marty Wilde in a way. You know, like dad writing Tuning In Tuning On, he was talking about sounds living and being alive and some quite out there concepts. And at the time the virtual experience, the virtual world was still nearly a decade away, maybe, of becoming some kind of reality or understanding what it might be. But there was a lot of talk about it at that point. So that is one of the ones I'm really proud of actually. (...) Actually, 'Virtual World' if I remember rightly was inspired by Pink Floyd. We were listening to 'Money' by Pink Floyd and we kindof took it from there. (1)

Interview source

(1) Unsung Heroes podcast, 23 July 2021