Vatrogasci (‘Firefighters’) is a Croatian parody rock band formed in 1991 by Tihomir Borošak (Tiho) and Dean Parmak, companions in terms of studio work. They recorded their first song, ‘Vatrogasac Mirko’ during a one-hour break while waiting for their next client. Since they needed someone to sing on it, they called Bubi (Vladimir Pavelić), who at the time was a colleague from the Jasna Zlokić support band.

‘Vatrogasac Mirko’ became a big hit, and so they landed a recording contract. The band became known in particular for humorous songs and their often parody specific songs of contemporary musical acts. They parodied many Croatian bands and singers, and also many foreign bands.

Their first four albums, entitled Vatrogasna Zabava volumes 1 to 4, were released between 1992 and 1995. Some of the tracks were Croatian-language versions of international acts like Boney M and Abba.

After the fourth album, Bubi got bored and signed a five-year contract with Novi Fosili as a drummer and vocalist. Tiho found new singer in Mladen Martinovic-Dugi, and they continued to make albums. Together they recorded and released 8 albums. In early 2007, Dugi left the band because of private commitments and Gugi (Goran Borošak) continues as the new lead vocalist.

The band is best known for their interpretations of songs by other authors and their parody, turning them into a folk/pop music. Beside various covers, the band also made many great original compositions. So far, they recorded 12 studio albums and one compilation.

Their version of Kim Wilde’s Cambodia, entitled Kad Dođem Ja was released on their sixth album Med I Mlijeko (1999). They continued to release music and play live to this day. So far, they recorded 12 studio albums and one compilation.