Words Fell Down

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. The second track of the album Select.


There are three versions of 'Words fell down': the album version, a live version, recorded in Salford, released on the album Aliens Live, and the original mix, released in 2020.

Live performances

'Words fell down' was performed live during the Debut tour in 1982, the Catch tour in 1983, the Rage to Rock tour in 1985, the Come out and play tour in 2011, the Dutch tours in October 2015, October 2016 and November 2017, the Wilde Wild Xmas Show in December 2017 and the Here come the aliens tour in 2018 and 2019.

Marty about 'Words Fell Down'

This is what I would basically call a 'pop song' in so much as there isn't any particular deep hidden meaning or deep hidden message. It's just a song that says words fell down i.e. that particular persons words weren't enough to remedy the situation. (1)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde Fanclub Magazine May 1983

Audio file
Words fell down - Live in Dortmund (Germany), 3 March 2011