Wedding dress

During her wedding, Kim wore a traditional white dress.

Kim about her wedding dress

I actually saw the dress a few weeks before Hal proposed to me in a little shop ’round from the theatre in London, and I saw it over a chair, and I thought ‘wow, if I ever get married I’ll wear that dress’. Within a few weeks Hal had asked and within a few weeks I was in the shop trying it on! (1)

I first saw my wedding dress in a shop in Covent Garden. I spotted it long before Hal proposed to me. I remember thinking, ‘What a fabulous dress’, because it was so simple. When he proposed, I thought – ding – ‘I know the dress I’m going to have’. (2)

Interview source

(1) TV Show op reis TROS (Netherlands), 30 January 1997
(2) In the closet with Kim Wilde Sunday Express (UK), 19 October 2003