Weird Science

1985 fantasy/comedy movie featuring Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan MItchell-Smith and Kelly LeBrock. Two high-school geeks use a computer to create the most beautiful woman imaginable, who will cater to their every desire. But when they get her, she proves to be a lot more than they can handle. But with her help, the two discover that they are not the cowering geeks they thought they were.
Kim recorded the track Turn It On especially for the soundtrack of this movie.

Kim about Weird Science

How did you get involved in the soundtrack to ‘Weird Science’?
The film company that made ‘Weird Science’ is ‘Universal’ who are owned by the MCA group of companies. The film was directed by John Hughes, who also directed ‘The breakfast club’, which was a hugely successful film. ‘The Breakfast Club’ had a soundtrack LP which sold very well and spawned ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ which was a No. 1 in the USA. The LP was also due to be released on MCA Records (my record company), so it was a natural progression. (1)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde Fanclub Magazine, Vol. 5 no. 3