Fowler, Rose

Born as Rose Elizabeth Fowler on 14 January 2000, Rose is the daughter of Kim and Hal Fowler.
She is born at the same day as Faye Dunaway (1941), rapper LL Cool J (1968) and ex-Nirvana bandmember Dave Grohl (1969) and is the younger sister of Harry Tristan.

She is featured on photographs in Kim’s first book, Gardening with Children.

Kim and Hal have passed on their musical genes to Rose: she plays piano and guitar and has performed live on several occasions.

She sings on the track Hope on the album Wilde Winter Songbook and appears in the music video for Hey Mister Snowman.
In 2020, she co-directed the music videos for Marty Wilde’s Christmas Fantasia and Christmas All over the World.