Young Heroes

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Fourth track of the album Kim Wilde. The track was also included in the soundtrack of the movie She Come from the Woods (2023). 


The track was released as a 7" single in Peru and a flexi disc in Russia.
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Live performances

'Young heroes' was performed live during the Rage to Rock Tour in 1985.

Cover versions

This track was covered by the cast of the television series Fame.

Marty about 'Young heroes'

'Young heroes' was written specifically again for young people. It's a kind of light rebellious song. The kids today are like the kids of any young generation: they are the young heroes and we think the song explains that. We had a few problems with Kim's vocals because the actual melody line on it is such that in some parts it is very, very high and in others it's very, very low.

Interview source

Kim Wilde Fanclub Introductory Magazine