You Came

Song written by Ricky and Kim Wilde. The second track of the album Close and the second single off the album.


There are eight versions of ‘You came’: the album version, the 7″ version, an extended version, four remixes by Shep Pettibone: a 12″ remix, a 7″ remix and two dub versions, and a live version recorded in Birmingham and released on the album Aliens Live.
There were a couple of remixes from DJ remix services, such as a remix by Les Massengale for Ultimix and a remix by Jim Hopkins for Hot Tracks. A remix of Stone with You Came by Joseph Watt was released by Razormaid.

In 2006, Kim included a new version called You Came (2006) on her album Never Say Never. In 2018, a live version recorded during the UK live tour was included in the deluxe edition of Here Come the Aliens.


The single was released on 7″ single, two different 12″ singles and a CD-single. In America, a cassette single was also released.
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Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the single. It was released in two versions: the regular version (based on the 7″ version) and an extended version (based on the 12″ remix). Both versions were directed by Greg Masuak.
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Live performances

‘You came’ was performed live on the Bad Tour in 1988 and every live concert after that.

Cover versions

The track was covered in Greek as Eisai oti agapo by Bessy Argyrakis, in Finnish as ‘Niin tein’ by the band Hausmylly, in German as Dein Tag by the Lollipops and in English by Aura, B. City Crew, Baz, Camilot, DJ ADK featuring Linda, FTU presenting CREAM, Hylene, Lex, Mario Lopez, Maxgirls, Lynn Sweet and Candy Warhol.

Ricky about ‘You came’

We had a weekend before MCA were going to come back to the studio to have a live final playback of the album. So I had just the weekend to sort out another track. So I went into the studio on my own and turned all the gear on, got a couple of synths up and got a little groove going and started listening to a bit of Human League. The reason for that was because ‘Dare’, I adored that album, it’s one of my favourite albums, beautiful songs, every single track is just an absolute corker. I just felt that there was one more track in our album. I wanted it to be like our ‘Dare’. There’s a track that Human League released quite a few years ago, the song was called ‘Life On Your Own’. It had very similar chords to ‘You Came’. Then the melody came very quickly and the lyric came very quickly. That was about my little boy, who was very young at the time, I think he was only a few months old. The whole chorus was written about him. But I wanted the rest of the lyric to sound more global, so I just wanted it to mean that it could be anything to do with what changes your life. Whether it be religion, a best friend, a new situation or something that’s affected your life in a life-changing way. So then I just phoned up Kimmy and said ‘look, I’ve come up with this, what do you think?’ She liked it and she finished off the lyrics. (1)

Kim about ‘You came’

This song was inspired by the birth of Ricky and Mandy’s first child, a son Marty. Being an older sister, it felt really strange and yet wonderful for my little brother to become a father, and together we captured the joy of a new life. In 1988 I was asked to join Michael Jackson on his extensive ‘Bad’ tour across the UK and mainland Europe. The video captured some of those incredible moments – especially being on stage at The Reichstag and in front of the Berlin Wall – that finally came down the following year. (2)


Keyboards & programming: Ricky Wilde, Tony Swain
Guitars: Steve Byrd, Ricky Wilde
Produced by Ricky Wilde and Tony Swain
Engineered by James Richards.
Mix engineered by Richard Lengyel

Highest chart positions

Australia: 35
Austria: 8
Belgium: 10
Canada: 42
Denmark: 1
France: 5
Germany: 5 (17 weeks)
Ireland: 3 (8 weeks)
Italy: 4 (13 weeks)
Netherlands: 13 (8 weeks)
Norway: 4
Sweden: 7 (12 weeks)
Switzerland: 3 (14 weeks)
United Kingdom: 3 (11 weeks)
United States: 41 (10 weeks)

Interview source

(1) Unsung Heroes podcast, 9 January 2020.
(2) Facebook Track by Track commentary, published 3 September 2013


Someone I know is staring at me
And when I look into her eyes
I see a girl that I used to be
I hardly recognise
Cos in the space of a year
I’ve watched the old me disappear
All of the things I once held precious
Just don’t mean anything anymore
Cos suddenly

You came, and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place

I’ve never felt good with permanent things
Now I don’t want anything to change
You can’t imagine the joy you bring
My life won’t be the same
And I’ll be there when you call
I’ll pick you up if you should fall
Cos I have never felt such inspiration
Nobody else ever gave me more because

You came, and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place

I watch you sleep in the still of the night
You look so pretty when you dream
So many people just go through life
Holding back, they don’t say what they mean
But it’s easy for me
Since you came
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place
You came, and changed the way I feel
No one could love you more
Because you came and turned my life around
No one could take your place