You’ll Be the One Who’ll Lose

Song written by Ricky, Kim and Marty Wilde. Seventh track of the album Close. Released as the B-side of the single Love in the Natural Way.

Kim about ‘You’ll Be the one Who’ll Lose’

This song describes how it feels to fall in love with the idea of falling in love. The atmospheric and reflective music dictated the subject matter, and once again a song came along to help ease the pain of growing up in public. (1)

I know what it’s like to have a broken heart. Luckily not too much, but enough to know what it feels like for somebody else. I wrote a song called You’ll Be the One Who’ll Lose [on her Close album] about a relationship that went nowhere with somebody that I cared about very much at the time. That song perfectly describes that situation. For me, songwriting has been a great therapy and a great way of working out the heartache of life. (2)


Keyboards & programming: Ricky Wilde, Tony Swain
Guitars: Steve Byrd, Ricky Wilde
Produced by Ricky Wilde and Tony Swain
Engineered by James Richards.
Mix engineered by Richard Lengyel

Interview source

(1) Facebook Track by Track commentary, published 3 September 2013
(2) What I know about men, Sunday Life, Sun-Herald magazine (Australia), 13 October 2013


Guess I took it for granted
That you’d feel the same as me
Had enough of romances ending unromantically
You don’t take any chances
But you gamble aimlessly
Always running in circles
Keeping phoney company
You call’em up when you get in town
‘cos it’s time to play the game
Hangin’ out at the place to be
Where the people know your name

And I’m tryin’ to say
It doesn’t matter at all
It doesn’t matter what you do
I’m gonna leave you anyway
But I want you to know
You’ll be the one who’ll lose

It was foolish to kid myself
That love’s a guarantee
It’s an illusion that’s often sold
But never comes for free
Can you see what you’re losing
Oh, can you even really see
Seems you’re so busy moving, honey
You never even noticed you lost me
And I’m trying to say
It doesn’t matter at all
It doesn’t matter how you feel
I’m gonna say it anyway
Cos I want you to know
You’ll be the one who’ll lose