Zac F

Born as Zacharias Fotiou, Zac F began his mixing career at late 80’s moving through disco and funk to house and hip-hop in famous clubs in Athens and Santorini. At the same time being a musician, soon drove him to music production and remixing.
2005 started his collaboration with Planetworks, making tracks for a lot of best selling compilations such as La Suite, Sunset & Sunrise, Remix, Enigma Wet and Seduction. On La Suite 3 the track ‘Lover’s Come’ appeared, which was based on Kim Wilde’s Cambodia.
In 2007 he released his debut album A Night at the Port. It was followed by A Night at the Port II (2011) and The Sound of Everything.
Zac F made remixes for Eartha Kitt, Claude Challe, 18 Summers Later, Dreamers Inc and many others.