NDR Radio

8 September 1983
NDR Radio (Germany)

Kim is interviewed on German radio station NDR1.


25 December 1983
Veronica (Netherlands)

This edition of Countdown features Christmas message from various pop stars, and Kim Wilde is one of them.

Thommy’s Popshow

17 December 1983
ZDF (Germany)

Kim sings ‘Love blonde’ and ‘Dancing in the dark’ live to a recorded backing track. ‘Love blonde’ is an instrumental version of the single version, whereas ‘Dancing in the dark’ sounds very different musically. Kim is backed by her own band. They are performing in front of a live audience.

News 10

11 December 1983

Brief interview with Kim in English, with Finnish subtitles, about her live concerts.


2 December 1983

Kim lipsynchs to ‘Dancing in the dark’. She is backed by two keyboard players and a drummer. The stage is lit mainly in purple. Kim is wearing a blue shirt, a black jacket and black trousers.

Russel Harty

2 December 1983

Kim lipsynchs ‘Dancing in the dark’. She is backed by a three-piece band.



14 November 1983

Interview on stage in English, translated on the spot by presenter Jonas Hallberg into Swedish for the audience. They talk about videos, touring, and being a sex symbol.

How are you, Kim Wilde?
I feel great, actually.

Yeah? You feel great?

I understand the whole of your family is engaged in the business of your career. Is that right?
Yeah, they’re engaged in my career and I’m very much engaged in their career as well.

I see. So it’s not… I mean everybody’s supporting you but everybody’s supporting each other?
Yeah, yeah.

You have become famous, in a way, through videos. You have not been touring so much or appearing on stage?
No, I haven’t done very much, but I’m just about to embark on a three week European tour on the 25th of November and I shall be in Stockholm on the 9th of December.

When you do videos, what’s the difference between doing a video and doing a stage show?
Well… When you’re doing a video you’re miming and when you’re doing a stage show you’re not miming.

That’s the only difference?
(Laughs) It’s the only one I can think of.

There are more cameras on the video version as well, perhaps. But I was wondering about this sex bit. You know, you have been famous as something of a sex symbol. How does that strike you, miss Wilde? Is that something that you, sort of, or, you feel, yes?
Well I don’t know, but I hear you’re something of a sex symbol too, so maybe –

Me? (They laugh.) That’s interesting. But I thought it’s more apparent in your case, perhaps.
Do you think so?

Yeah. No?
(Laughs) I don’t know.

Well, how can I use this situation? Kim, I think we will show what I mean by showing a video. And could you say the name of the video, please?
The name of the video is ‘Dancing in the dark’.

(Video starts.)


11 November 1983

Kim lipsynchs to ‘Dancing in the dark’. She is backed by a keyboard player and a saxophe player. They are performing in front of a live studio audience. The ‘Razzmatazz’ logo is visible in the background.



7 November 1983
DR (Denmark)

Kim Wilde and a band of three members appear on stage in the Danish programme Eldorado to mime to ‘Dancing in the dark’. They are surrounded by a dancing audience. The stage background features a laser show.

WWF Club

4 November 1983
WDR (Germany)

Kim and her band do a lipsynch performance of ‘Dancing in the dark’ in front of a live studio audience filled with adults and young children. Remarkably, Steve Byrd plays keyboards during this performance. At the end of the performance, Kim receives a bunch of flowers from a robot.


26 October 1983

Kim and her band perform ‘Dancing in the dark’. Kim sings live to a specially recorded backing track. After the performance, she is briefly interviewed while she’s sitting on a motorbike. A few embarrassing moments when the technical gadget doesn’t work and a translator has to get up on stage to help the presenter ask questions to Kim. After that, the interview can start for real. The presenter asks how the success of Kim Wilde is created.

Kim answers: ‘We all write together. That’s how we’ve always worked. We work together in the studio. In fact, we’ve just built a new recording studio.’

Dancing in the dark (music video)

24 October 1983

Directed by Tim Pope.
Appropriately filmed with lots of dark scenes, this video features Kim singing the song in a room filled with different transparent cloths. Spotlights on her face make it possible to see Kim despite all the darkness.