Kim Wilde is interviewed in the programme Strax on Danish national radio.

Celebrity detox

30 December 2003
SBS6 (Netherlands)

Richard Blackwood, Tamara Beckwith, ex-Boyzone singer Keith Duffy and Kim Wilde go to a health spa in Thailand to have a week of healthy living. Complete with advice on how to eat healthier and colonic irrigations.

Dutch rebroadcast of the Channel 5 programme with Dutch subtitles.

Pop 2003

27 November 2003
Sat1 (Germany)

Lip-synch performance by Nena and Kim Wilde of ‘Anyplace, anywhere, anytime’. Afterwards the band, Nena and Kim get five gold and two platinum awards for the album ‘Nena feat. Nena’. Kim and Nena are also interviewed.

The Cream

16 November 2003

Comedy duo Roy and HG present ‘The Cream’, a spinoff show from their hit series ‘The Dream’. ‘The Cream’ is centered around the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Kim is interviewed in this episode, she is asked to hazard a guess – after England won against France earlier this evening – at the outcome of the rugby match of England vs Australia in the final on November 22.
She also tells about her garden and the Here & Now Tour in Australia.

The Day Team at Chatsworth

21 October 2003

Kim is interviewed by John Craven about the best plants and shrubs for winter gardens. She also mentions the upcoming Australia tour and the 80s tour of the UK.

What do you reckon to the Chatsworth Gardens?
It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s the first time I’ve been here and it just goes to show how fantastic a garden can look in winter.

There’s some wonderful frost on all of the flowers this morning.
Yeah, it’s absolutely beautiful.

What about this transition of yours, from mega popstar to greenfingered goddess?
Well, it started about seven years ago when Hal and I got married and we wanted to have some children. Now we’ve got our little three year old Rose and five year old Harry, we wanted to grow a garden of Eden for them to grow up in, and it all started from our own back yard!

Had you any experience before in gardening?
Very, very little, and I went back to college for a few years and did a City & Guilds on Thursday nights,

What did everybody in the class make of having Kim Wilde there with them?
I think only a few of them recognised, actually, and we were all quite plant anorak enough to just sit around talking about our favourite plants. They were a good lot, they just came around a few weeks ago actually for a reunion.

And now of course, you’ve got a gardening programme, Garden Invaders, haven’t you? And a column in a national newspaper about gardening.
Yeah, it’s amazing where it’s all brought me, it’s a far cry from the heady days of ‘Kids in America’ in 1981, you know I’d never thought I’d be standing here talking to you.

And have you got a perfect garden now, do you reckon, of your own?
Well, it’s well underway, I mean we love our garden, we’ve got a little meadow, we grow vegetables for the children, they grow their own vegetables too, we’ve got a formal park, we’ve got a place where there are perennials, it’s onward going really.

I can hear the Chatsworth clock chiming 10 o’clock, it’s four minutes late.
Time for a cup of coffee, it’s cold!

(second part)

They say gardening is the new rock ‘n’ roll, so who better to talk to us about creating a winter garden than Kim Wilde. Hello, Kim, again. This looks like a fading late summer garden now, doesn’t it?
It is, but actually it’s still holding on to some really good structure and some lovely texture and colours. These are all perennial plants which will still stand really well throughout the winter months. And they’re looking really well now, I think.

Yes, and let them stay here until the seeds fall?
Absolutely. They’re providing a good source of food for the wildlife as well as really adding structure to the borders and looking really good.

Right about now, a lot of people are just grubbing up their gardens, aren’t they? Waiting till the spring.
They are, I mean, in the winter, the structure of the garden really comes to life, it’s the bones of the garden, it’s the test of your garden design. There’s plenty of that going on here at Chatsworth.

You can see it here, can’t you?
Well exactly. From the parks right through to the statues and the stairs, but more importantly the evergreen planting, the ‘U’ hedges, the holly hedges, the lovely serpentine hedge, that frames the view of the duke perfectly, so Chatsworth is very… it’s a fantastic winter garden.

But you could do exactly the same thing on a much smaller scale in your own back garden, could you?
Sure, just as long as you get the structure of your garden just right. Mostly with evergreens and good basic design. You provide a stage for the rest of the planting to perform really well throughout the year. And of course in the winter when it comes into its own.

And structures you mean things like urns, whatever?
Exactly, or trellis work, or walls, paths, I mean these are all the permanent features that are going to really stand out in the winter when all of the beautiful planting has disappeared.

And is it possible to create scents in a winter garden?
That’s the great thing about winter gardens, they have to work much harder in winter, the flower plants, to attract the few insects that can make it through these cold conditions so they push out these really sexy scents and you have like the very spicy hamamelis or witch-hazel, or you have lovely rich vanilla fragrance from Sarcococca, or lovely lily of the valley scents, so you can have a really have a beautifully scented winter garden.

So your message is ‘don’t give up on your garden in winter time’?
Absolutely not, there’s so much to be enjoyed in the winter garden, and if you’re having a look at your garden now and thinking ‘I haven’t got any of that in my garden’ get out and do something about it.

What’s gonna happen to your winter garden, because you haven’t given up on pop music have you? And you’re going to be away during December?
Well I am, I’m going to Australia doing the Here & Now Eighties tour in just a few… next week I think and after that I’m doing the Here & Now Tour in December which is all us Eighties lot, Howard Jones and ABC and Heaven 17 and T’Pau, so it’s quite.. mad isn’t it? (laughs)

So who’s going to be looking after the garden?
It looks after itself.

Des & Mel

24 September 2003
Channel 5 (UK)

Kim Wilde is interviewed again about her involvement in forthcoming editions of the Here & Now Tour in Australia and the UK, participating in Celebrity Detox and her gardening interests.

RTL Boulevard

15 September 2003
RTL4 (Netherlands)

This daily entertainment gossip programme featured a short item on Nena and Kim Wilde in today’s edition. In the item, their current success with ‘Anyplace, anywhere, anytime’ in the Dutch charts is mentioned. The item contained two brief interview snippets with Kim as well as inane commentary from the presenters.

Top of the Pops

17 August 2003
BNN (Netherlands)

This performance of ‘Anyplace, anytime, anywhere’, previously shown on Top of the pops Germany is shown on the Dutch version of the programme as well. This is a slightly differently edited version of the same performance: some camera angles are different from the version shown in Germany, and the screen format is 16:9 instead of 4:3.

Terry & Gaby

8 July 2003
Channel 5 (UK)

Kim Wilde is interviewed by hosts Terry Wogan and Gaby Roslin about various things, such as her involvement in a forthcoming edition of the Here & Now Tour, participating in Celebrity Detox and her gardening interests. Later on in the program she is invited to participate in a brief competition in which she has to trim a bush. Various double entendres ensue.

Time Team

24 June 2003
Channel 4 (UK)

An archaeological team visits Kim’s garden to see if they can find remains of a previous building. They dig a small section and find lots of building rubble and tiles plus a clay pipe which is at least 250 years old. One stone reminds Kim of her love of heart-shaped stones, shortly after moving to her new home she found one and featured it on her album cover “Love Is”.
Kim leaves a locket in the hole with the name of herself and her family for the next generation.

Deutschlands Grosste Hits

8 June 2003
ARD (Germany)

Programme dedicated to the greatest hits in Germany between 1978 and 2003, the years that the charts in that country were compiled by Media Control. Nena is in the show to pick up an award for her big success with ’99 Luftballons’ in 1982, plus subsequent hits. She performs her new single with Kim Wilde, ‘Anyplace, anytime, anywhere’, in front of a live audience. It is a lip-synched performance.
The program was recorded on May 22 in Freizeitpark Rust.

The Dome

1 June 2003
RTL2 (Germany)

Kim Wilde and Nena perform ‘Anyplace, anytime, anywhere’. Also a short interview for the most in English with German subtitles.