Igudesman & Joo

5 June 2010
3sat (Germany)

Documentary about the duo Richard Hyung-ki Joo and Aleksey Igudesman and their trails through the world of classical music. They mix Mozart with James Bond, play violin at the Night of the proms and make fun of their music as much as they play it. Meanwhile, they meet other artists such as Midge Ure, Tears for Fears and Kim Wilde.

The duo show Kim how to play the violin backstage at one of the Night of the Proms concerts. Then Kim hums a lullaby with the two.

Heaven 17: the story of Penthouse and Pavement

21 May 2010

Kim and Ricky appear in this documentary about Heaven 17, adding their comments to those of other contemporaries. Kim shows the album that she marked with her own name, to keep it from being nicked during parties and sings a line of ‘Fascist groove thang’ acapella.

Daily Cooks Challenge

7 May 2010

Kim is a guest judge on this daily cookery programme. At the beginning of the programme she is interviewed about her food habits and preferences.

I love food, yeah. All food. There’s nothing I don’t like.

If you have a choice, there must be something that’s your favourite.
I love spicy food, anything hot, chilis, koriander, Thai food, I really like that a lot, but I love really good home cooking as well. I love roast dinners. I love stews, yeah, my mum she used to throw stews together, carrots, lamb, very simple but really tasty. And dumplings.

What about fish and meat. Are you a meaty… more meat than fish?
We eat more meat than fish but I would like to eat more fish than we do.

Shellfish is good. Hal is not so good with that, my husband, men can be a bit funny with shellfish, can’t they?

What about cheese? Love cheese?
Love cheese, love really smelly cheese.

What about sweets? Do you love your puddings or not?
I’m less of a sweet, more of a savoury girl. I do like sweet stuff though. I love 70% chocolate, dark chocolate, stuff like that and I like traditional puddings if they’re done really well. But I’m not very good. I try to do crumbles, they’re just never very good. Maybe I just put too many oats in. You’re supposed to put oats in. Maybe I’ve just got my quantities wrong.

Nena – die große Geburtstagsshow

26 March 2010
RTL (Germany)

On the occasion of Nena’s 50th birthday, the German channel RTL broadcast a two hour show with many guests, including Kim. An old interview clip in which Kim talks about her project with Nena is shown, after which she performs ‘Anyplace, anywhere, anytime’ live together with Nena.


24 March 2010
ORF (Austria)

With the 50th birthday of Nena looming, Frühlingszeit broadcasts a report about her career. Austrian artists such as Waterloo and the Rounder Girls say a few words, and also Kim appears in this report. She says how the duet ‘Anyplace anywhere anytime’ came to be, with an Austrian voice-over.

Music Nuggets

1 January 2010
Servus TV (Germany)

Short interview with Kim Wilde about her new single ‘Light down low’. The interview is taken from the EPK for ‘Come out and play’.

The Night of the Proms

1 January 2010
Deluxe Music (Germany)

Live registration of the Night of the Proms concerts in Germany. Kim Wilde sings ‘You came’, ‘Cambodia’ and ‘Kids in America’ with the orchestra, then joins the gospel choir for the song ‘Joyful joyful’ and finally appears on stage with all the other artists to sing ‘Imagine’.