You Are What You Are Cookbook

Over eighty international celebrities share their favourite recipes in this unique collection. The cookbook was compiled to benefit BGC. BGC addresses the challenges faced by adults with learning disabilities. It offers work experience and education.

Kim Wilde’s recipe is a summer pudding, adapted from a recipe by Monty Don.

‘The You Are What You Are Cookbook’ in Google Books

Release date: 31 October 2005
Publisher: Accent Press
Number of pages: 180
ISBN: 190517019X

Wide Awake Club Annual 1988

60 page annual book featuring interviews with the team from this ITV television programme plus articles and interviews with celebrities.
Kim Wilde is featured in a questionnaire page with one picture and two answers to questions taken from the WAC television broadcasts.

Release date: 9 November 1988
Publisher: London Independent Television Publications
Number of pages: 60
ISBN: 0907965482

Why Music? (2)

Book with concert photographs and the reply from musicians to the question: ‘Why music?’. Featuring photographs and quotes from Alain Clarke, Stevie Ann, Ilse DeLange, Willy DeVille, Status Quo, Flaco Jimenez, Kim Wilde, Jan Akkerman, Steve Hogart (Marillion) and many others.
Kim Wilde is featured on two pages with three photographs.

Release date: 20 April 2009
Publisher: Beukenbos & co
Number of pages: 100
ISBN: 9789081414517


Dutch translation of Kim’s book First-time Gardener. It was released on 4 May 2007 by Kosmos publishers.
The book is identical to the English edition, except for the language.

Release date: 4 May 2007
Written by: Kim Wilde
Publisher: Kosmos
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9789021508238

Tuinieren met Kinderen

Dutch translation of Kim’s book Gardening with Children. It was released on 20 February 2006 by Veltman Uitgevers.
The book was translated in Dutch by Titia van Schaik. The book is identical to the English edition, except for the language and the fact that there was no dustcover in this edition.

Release date: 20 February 2006
Written by: Kim Wilde
Publisher: Veltman Uitgevers
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 9059205006

Tijdschriftenboek (het)

Dutch book about periodicals that were published between 1717 and 2006. About 350 titles are included in the book. Each title is described in about 150 words with one cover illustration. On page 221, there is a description of the magazine Popbiz (written by Marcel Rijs). It includes a cover from August 1981, featuring Kim.
The book was compiled by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Library of the Netherlands, on the occasion of the exhibition Magazine! that ran between 10 November 2006 and 4 March 2007. The descriptions were made by 44 different authors.

Release date: 9 November 2006
Publisher: Waanders
Number of pages: 384
ISBN: 9040082715

Complete Kim Wilde Interview (the)

Not necessarily a book, but a 16 page photocopied booklet which contains an unedited interview with Kim Wilde, as held on 26 October 1995 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Part of this interview was published in a fanclub booklet. This unedited version was only sold at the fan meeting in 1996 and proceeds went to charity.

Release date: 10 March 1996
Written by: Ramona de Roij
Publisher: Ramona de Roij
Number of pages: 16

Story of Top of the Pops (the)

Now past its 21st birthday, Johnnie Stewart’s famous creation entertains millions; it excites, it amuses, it surprises… and it also informs its devotees of up-to-the-minute changes in the charts. Steve Blacknell, a TV and radio regular, looks back over the years with affection, wit, and of course outrageous remarks where necessary. He shows that virtually every star and group which has reached the charts over 21 years has appeared on Top of the Pops, and he has put a huge Quiz at the end of the book so you can test your knowledge. His book is packed with pictures and quotes… it’s all here!
Kim Wilde appears on one page with her memory of Top of the Pops and a photograph.

Release date: 1 November 1985
Written by: Patrick Stephens
Number of pages: 160

Roxy book (the)

Christmas book about the television show The Roxy, which started in the summer of 1987. It details the start of the show, its guests, and a look behind the scenes. In one of the chapters about the guests in the programme, ‘Glamour boys and girls’, two pages are devoted to Kim Wilde. It contains a photograph of Kim in The Roxy with presenter Kevin Sharkey plus a description of her career to date.

Release date: 1 December 1987
Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson
Number of pages: 64

Book of Rubbish Ideas (the)

A room-by-room tour of your home offers tips on how to reduce the amount of rubbish you bring home and ultimately dispose of. Supported with case studies from everyday folk who are making their personal contribution to waste reduction through their own clever initiatives, and a peep at how some of the celebrity ‘greens’ cope with their daily waste, the book offers the tips and advice you need to start your own rubbish reduction plan. The book includes a 1,5 page interview with Kim Wilde, in which she talks about waste disposal and recycling.

Release date: 10 September 2008
Written by: Tracey Smith
Publisher: Alastair Sawday’s
Number of pages: 144
ISBN: 9781906136130

Snoecks 85

Snoecks is an annual catalogue containing articles about literature, arts, movies, photography, theatre, fashion and travel. In the twelve page article ‘The ear and the eye: visual aspects of pop music’ Kim Wilde is mentioned, along with one photograph of her. The book is entirely in Dutch.

Release date: 1 January 1985
Publisher: Serge Snoeck
Number of pages: 424

Smash Hits Yearbook 1988

Book in which different articles from the previous year are reprinted, along with a calendar and various extras. The book contains a four page article called Cor! / Bleurrgghhhhhh!in which popstars comment about eachother (Kim is one of fourteen listed), a 1987 article on Kim Wilde, A day in the life of… Kim Wilde in its original layout. A four page article on Pop Stars’ Parents features a short paragraph about Kim, Joyce and Marty with two pictures.

Release date: 1 December 1987
Publisher: EMAP Metro PLC
Number of pages: 132