Dimestars formed in 1999 and consisted of Roxanne Wilde (vocals), Morgan Quaintance (guitar), Joe Holweger (drums) and Tom Hanna (bass). They released their first single entitled ‘Solo So Long’ in October 2000. In March 2001, Dimestars were the support act for Kylie Minogue’s sold out UK tour. The second single entitled ‘My Superstar’ was released in June and only just managed no. 72 in the UK singles chart.

The studio album ‘Living for the Weekend’ was recorded and released for promotion purposes, but not commercially released. Subsequently, the band broke up in the summer of 2001.

Holweger joined Adam Ant‘s backing band in 2010. Quaintance joined the band Plugs.

Di Leo, Paul

From the first day Paul picked up a bass at age 12, friends and family noticed that the lefty had his own approach to the instrument –literally upside down and backwards – (left handed bass, strung right handed). He eventually went on to become one of the best players in his local New York and New Jersey scene and eventually to international success with some of the worlds finest artists.
Paul is regularly touring with Nena, as he has been a member of the band since 2001. While working with Nena he has received two platinum and two gold records including those that he was awarded as a one of the co-writers of Nena’s ‘Willst Du Mit Mir Gehen’ record.
Paul has also performed and recorded with various artists including, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Carly Simon, Lauryn Hill, M-People, Steve Gadd, Toots Thielemans, Ace Frehley, and Enrique Iglesias, to name a few.
He played bass on Kim Wilde’s track You Keep Me Hangin’ On (2006).

Destination Pop

’36 interviews aus 18 Jahren’ is the subtitle of this book, and it promises what it delivers: the volume contains interviews with 36 popstars. Marc Almond, Gavin Friday, Lloyd Cole, The Divine Comedy, Kirsty MacColl, Goldfrapp, Midge Ure and of course Kim Wilde are only a few of the many names interviewed between 1990 and 2007.

The interview with Kim Wilde is from 2005 and spreads over 7 pages. The colour pages include a picture of Kim.

The book is entirely in German.

Release date: 1 February 2007
Written by: Gilbert Blecken
Publisher: Gilbert Blecken
Number of pages: 210

Deck the Halls (Angels Sing)

Based on the traditional ‘Deck the halls’ but with added lyrics by Kim Wilde and Ricky Wilde, ‘Deck the halls’ is a song written in 2013.

The song did not make the cut for Wilde Winter Songbook in 2013, as there were already twelve songs selected for the album. When the deluxe edition of the album was released in 2015, it was added as one of the bonus tracks.

The song uses only the first four lines of the old traditional ‘Deck the Halls’:-

Deck the hall with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la la la la la
‘Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la la la la la

…and adds a new melody line and new lyrics after these four lines.

Live performances

Kim performed the song live at Knebworth House on 12 and 14 December 2014 for the first time, with added vocals by the Knebworth Community Chorus. During Christmas concerts in December 2015, she also performed this song.


Vocals: Kim Wilde
Keyboards, additional vocals: Ricky Wilde
Backing vocals: Scarlett Wilde
Choir: London Contemporary Voices
Choir arrangement: Kim Wilde


Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Angels sing songs of celebration
Sending the word of love to every nation

We sing (Deck the halls with boughs of holly)
A song of joy (Fa la la la la la la la)
To everyone (la la la la la la)
We sing (Tis the season to be jolly)
A song of hope (Fa la la la la la la la)
To everyone (la la la la la la)

Angels sing (Angels sing) songs of celebration (song of celebration)
Sending out the word of love to every nation (Sending out the word of love)

We sing
A song of hope
To everyone
A song for everyone
For everyone
For everyone (Deck the halls with boughs of holly)
(Fa la la la la la la la la la la la la la la)

A song of love
To everyone

Debut Tour

Kim Wilde was already a household name when she undertook her first live tour. After almost two years of promotion via music videos and TV performances, she embarked on her first live dates in Denmark in September 1982, and then in October/November 1982 a European tour followed. The tour started on 5 October 1982 at the Colston Hall in Bristol (UK) and finished on 16 November 1982 in Roma, Antwerp (Belgium).

Kim’s band during this tour consisted of Steve Byrd (guitar), Trevor Murrell (drums), Ricky Wilde (keyboards, guitar), Gary Barnacle (saxophone & flute), Graham Pleath (keyboards, guitar), Mark Heyward Chaplin (bass), Lynne Jones (background vocals) and Gaynor Wild (background vocals).

The concert always started with the sound of ‘Cambodia-Reprise’. The songs played during the concerts were:

Chequered Love, Water on Glass, Tuning In Tuning On, Our Town, Everything We Know, Take Me Tonight, Words Fell Down, Just a Feeling, When the Boy’s Happy (The Girl’s Happy Too), View From a Bridge, Child Come Away, Watching for Shapes, You’ll Never Be So Wrong, Boys, 2 6 5 8 0, Falling Out, Cambodia and Kids in America.

Tour dates

Debut – Issue 8/9

Book/Magazine with a free LP, released several times in 1984 and 1985. Issue 8/9 was released in November 1984 and features an article about Kim Wilde, as well as an exclusive track by Kim on the accompanying LP: a ‘special re-mix’ of Shangri-La. This track remained unreleased on cd until 2010, when Cherry Pop released the expanded edition of Teases & Dares.

Dear Me

If you were to write a letter to your 16-year-old self, what would it say? In ‘Dear Me’, some of the world’s best-loved personalities have written such a letter. These range from the compassionate to the shocking via hilarity and heartbreak. They have one thing in common: they offer a unique glimpse at the teenagers who would grow up to be Jackie Collins, Stephen Fry, Annie Lennox, Joanna Lumley, Will Young and of course Kim Wilde…

Release date: 15 October 2009
Written by: Joseph Galliano (ed.)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 978-1847377661


DeadraveN started in 1998 as a three piece punk band in Idaho (USA), but main band member Brady Lindsay soon went solo using the band name in collaborations with like minded musicians. His music was broadcast in college radio stations in the USA, but as the internet became more popular his appeal went global. According to Lindsay, the music and the persona of DeadraveN is always evolving, but never ventures far from the goth roots it started in.

One of DeadraveN’s – as yet officially unreleased – songs is a cover version of Kids in America.

De Keuze van Janine Jansen

Book in which 22 celebrities write a story about their favourite classical work. Kim Wilde describes the Romeo and Juliet Overture by Tchaikovsky in two pages.


The Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) is a magnetic tape sound recording format introduced by Philips and Matsushita in late 1992 and marketed as the successor to the standard analogue Compact Cassette. It was also a direct competitor to Sony’s MiniDisc (MD) but neither format toppled the then popular analogue cassette despite their technical superiority.

DCC was envisaged as a cheaper alternative to DAT (the format established in recording studios) – which had by 1992 also failed to sell in large quantities. DCC shared a similar form factor to analog cassettes, and DCC recorders could play back either type of cassette. This backward compatibility allowed users to adopt digital recording without rendering their existing tape collections obsolete.

Pre-recorded DCC’s were also sold for a short time. Only two Kim Wilde DCC’s were ever released: Love Is and The Singles Collection 1981-1993.

Day, Doris

Born as Doris Von Kappelhoff, 3 April 1924 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. One of popular music’s premier post-war vocalists and biggest names, Kappelhoff originally trained as a dancer, before turning to singing at the age of 16. After changing her surname to Day, she became the featured singer with the Bob Crosby Band. A similarly successful period with the Les Brown Band saw her record her single for Columbia, ‘Sentimental Journey’, which sold more than a million copies. Already an accomplished businesswoman, it was rumoured that she held a substantial shareholding in her record company. After securing the female lead in the 1948 movie “Romance On The High Sea” she enjoyed a stupendous movie career. Her striking looks, crystal clear singing voice and willingness to play tomboy heroines, as well as romantic figures, brought her a huge following. In common with other female singers of the period, she was occasionally teamed with the stars of the day and enjoyed collaborative hits with Frankie Laine (‘Sugarbush’) and Johnnie Ray (‘Let’s Walk That A-Way’). She appeared in nearly 40 movies over two decades. These films featured some of her most well known hits.
Day enjoyed a further UK chart topper with the romantically uplifting Que sera sera. After a gap of nearly six years, she returned to the charts with the sexually inviting movie theme ‘Move Over Darling’, co-written by her producer son Terry Melcher. Her Hollywood career ended in the late ’60s and thereafter she was known for her reclusiveness. After more than 20 years away from the public’s gaze, she emerged into the limelight in 1993 for a charity screening of one of her movies, ‘Calamity Jane’ in her home town of Carmel, California. History has made her an icon, whose fresh-faced looks, sensual innocence and strikingly pure vocal style effectively summed up an era of American music.

She passed away on 13 May 2019 after contracting pneumonia. She was survived by one grandson.

Kim Wilde dressed up and sang as Doris Day for the program Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes.

Das Sommer Hits Album

Compilation album by WEA records, released in 1988. It features the big hits in Germany from the summer of 1988, including the 7″ version of Kim Wilde’s Hey Mister Heartache. Until the release of the remastered expanded edition of Close, it was the only CD to include this version of the track.