Wilde, Scarlett

Born as Scarlett Lillian Smith on 9 March 1989, daughter of Ricky Wilde and his wife Mandy.
Kim and Ricki wrote the song Birthday Song for her.

In January 2006, it was announced that she would start a singing career of her own, having recorded a version of Billy Idol’s 1985 hit ‘White Wedding’ for her father’s record company Sonic Hub Records.

In 2007 she started appearing on stage with Kim Wilde during two dates of her European tour, singing backing vocals. In 2008 she joined Kim’s band as a backing vocalist, taking in the place of Roxanne Wilde who went on tour with Kylie Minogue.

In 2008 she formed her own band, Scarlett Feeva. They performed live a couple of times in 2008 and 2009, but then broke up. Scarlett was then reported to be recording her first album. One video was premiered on YouTube in 2010, entitled ‘Fight Temptation’.

Scarlett wrote the song My Wish Is Your Command (together with her father) and was credited for the vocal arrangement on Hey Mister Snowman.

At the end of 2015, she went to Australia for a year to enroll in an art college. During a three week stay in the UK in the summer of 2016 she performed live with Kim Wilde, like she will in November 2016 in Australia.

In 2018, she created the artwork for the album Here Come the Aliens plus the singles Pop Don’t Stop, Kandy Krush and Birthday. She also co-wrote the songs Pop Don’t Stop, Stereo Shot, Solstice, Birthday and Rock the Paradiso.

Wilde, Roxanne

Born as Roxanne Elisabeth Jessica Smith on 24 July 1979. Roxanne (a.k.a. Roxy)  is Kim’s youngest sister. At a young age she took up horseback riding, and even considered making it her career.


Roxanne performed live a few times during her teens. She appeared at the annual festival of the Society of Distinguished Songwriters in December 1994, singing backing vocals, and at the wedding of her sister Kim with Hal Fowler. At that occasion she sung a composition by Ricky and Marty, So wide awake.
Meanwhile, she was also involved in the short-lived Earthboy (or Fly) project.


In July 1999, it was announced that Roxanne ‘and her band’ had signed a contract with Polydor to release an album in 2000, making her the third of Marty’s children to start recording music. The band finally surfaced as Dimestars in the autumn of 2000. They released two singles and performed live supporting Kylie Minogue during her tour in 2001. The album ‘Living for the weekend’ was never commercially released, although promotional copies exist. The band broke up in 2002.

Guest vocals

Roxanne continued to sing for other acts. In 2002, she sang vocals on a track by producer/remixer/DJ Darren Tate, released as ‘Destination’ by DT8 featuring Roxanne Wilde to clubs in the UK on 12″ vinyl. In April 2003, a cd-single release followed. The single peaked at number 23 in the UK singles chart. The accompanying video featured Roxanne.
November 2003 saw the release of ‘Our Lips are Sealed’ through Wall of Sound. Roxanne appeared as vocalist on the cover of the Go Go’s hit recorded by Jon Pleased aka The Visitor.
In 2005 Roxanne continued to record demos with The Visitor for her debut album.
During writing workshops she has collaborated with people like Rob Davis.
In 2008, she started working as a backing vocalist for Kylie Minogue during her world tour. On her subsequent world tours she did the same.

Roxanne, Kim and Marty

Roxanne sang backing vocals on Light of the Moon (Belongs to Me) and Forgive Me. In 2007 she performed live with Kim during her European tour in February and March, and with Marty in April and May. She continued to tour with Marty in subsequent years.
In 2020, Marty released the album Running Together, on which she sings lead vocals on five of the 15 tracks.

Personal life

Roxanne got married to Richie Rizzo on 24 May 2009. In June 2013, she gave birth to son Theo.

Kim about Roxanne

‘I persuaded Mum and Dad to call her Roxanne after The Police hit record. She looks upon me as a mother.’ (1)

Interview source

Star Spot: Princess of Pop. Lion Club (UK), February 15, 1984

Fowler, Rose

Born as Rose Elizabeth Fowler on 14 January 2000, Rose is the daughter of Kim and Hal Fowler.
She is born at the same day as Faye Dunaway (1941), rapper LL Cool J (1968) and ex-Nirvana bandmember Dave Grohl (1969) and is the younger sister of Harry Tristan.

She is featured on photographs in Kim’s first book, Gardening with Children.

Kim and Hal have passed on their musical genes to Rose: she plays piano and guitar and has performed live on several occasions.

She sings on the track Hope on the album Wilde Winter Songbook and appears in the music video for Hey Mister Snowman.
In 2020, she co-directed the music videos for Marty Wilde’s Christmas Fantasia and Christmas All over the World.

Wilde, Ricky

Born on 6 November 1961 as Richard James Reginald Steven Smith, Ricki is Kim’s younger brother and originally he was thought to follow in his father Marty‘s footsteps. He released his first single in 1972, called I Am an Astronaut. Subsequent singles were ‘Do It Again, a Little Bit Slower’, ‘I Wanna Go to a Disco’ and ‘Teen Wave’. Recordings of new material in 1980 led to the ‘discovery’ of his sister Kim.

Rick’s new role was that of producer and (co-)writer, a role he kept up throughout Kim’s musical career.
When Kim went away from her music career by the end of the 1990’s, Rick started producing and recording with other artists. After the sale of Select Sound Studios he created his own home studio. After some time he got together with two friends and formed the band Sonic Hub.

Meanwhile, Kim returned to music, and Rick was there to play guitar during her gigs. He also produced tracks on her new albums, released between 2006 and now.
With his wife Mandy he’s got two sons, Marty III (born in 1986) and Mason (born in 1997) and one daughter, Scarlett (born in 1989). When Marty III had a daughter in 2013, he became a grandfather for the first time.

In 2023 he released ‘Scala Hearts’, an album created together with Nina.

Kim about Ricky Wilde

He has been in music for a longer time than I am, even though he’s a year younger than me. I always dreamt of becoming a singer, but it was more or less carved in stone that Ricky would succeed Marty, so I forgot about that dream. Last year Ricky asked whether I would like to sing a song for him which he’d wrote with my father. And that song was ‘Kids in America’. (1)

He’s one of the only people that I can get on with without words. I don’t have to do anything for him to like me. He doesn’t expect me to call him, he doesn’t expect me to do anything at all and it doesn’t matter. It’s great. (2)

We work very similarly in the same way Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart do. Ricky just chooses not to be a public person. He’s very private, he has his own family and he’s very glad to give up the stardom part of it after having tasted it when he was younger. When he was about eleven years old he used to release records and I don’t think it made him very happy. He got teased a lot at school and life was made unbearable for him, so it put him off for life. (3)

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Wilde, Mason

Born on 3 June 1997 and the youngest son of Ricky Wilde and his wife Mandy. Mason is the younger brother of Scarlett and Marty III.

Wilde, Marty jr.

The youngest child of Marty Wilde and his wife Joyce and Kim’s youngest brother. Having had an interest in golf since his fourteenth birthday, Marty succeeded in forging a professional career in the sport.
His amateur years were highlighted by a fourth-place finish at the Daily Telegraph Junior Championships ? the largest competition of its kind in the world ? which was played in 1997. Only the top 14 boys and girls in the United Kingdom were invited to play and Marty was the youngest qualifier to compete.

He also tried his hand at collegiate golf, traveling to the U.S. to play at the University of Nebraska, while studying sports psychology. Marty says he enjoyed the experience tremendously, but couldn’t handle the harsh winters and returned to England in his second year.

In September 2005, he married his childhood sweetheart Nina. They had a son called Miller, born 31 December 2006.

Wilde, Marty III

Born on 13 August 1986. Also known as M3, Marty Smith the son of Ricky Wilde and his wife Mandy.

On 13 February 2013 he got engaged to Lissy Clark. On 11 June 2013 they had a daughter called Ophelia.

Wilde, Marty

Born Reginald Leonard Smith, 15 April 1939, Blackheath, South London, England.

Early career

After playing briefly in a skiffle group, Reginald secured a residency at London’s Condor Club under the name Reg Patterson. He was spotted by songwriter Lionel Bart, who subsequently informed entrepreneur Larry Parnes. The starmaker was keen to sign the singer and rapidly took over his career. Reg Smith henceforth became Marty Wilde. The first name was coined from the sentimental film ‘Marty’ while the last name was meant to emphasize the wilder side of Smith’s nature. Parnes next arranged a record deal with Philips Records, but Wilde’s initial singles, including a reading of Jimmie Rodgers’ Honeycomb, failed to chart.


Success came in July 1958 when Marty Wilde scored a number 4 hit in the UK with ‘Endless sleep’. From mid 1958 to the end of 1959, Wilde was one of the leading British rock and roll singers, along with Tommy Steele and Cliff Richard. Wilde’s backing group were called the Wildcats. At various times they featured Big Jim Sullivan on lead guitar, Bobbie Clarke on drums, Brian Locking on bass guitar and Brian Bennett on drums. Locking and Bennett later joined the Shadows.
Marty appeared frequently on BBC Television’s music programme, 6.5 Special. Soon after, Parnes persuaded the influential producer Jack Good to make Wilde the resident star of his new television programme ‘Oh Boy!’. After considerable success with songs like ‘Donna’, ‘Teenager in love’, ‘Sea of love’ and his own composition ‘Bad boy’, Marty veered away from rock & roll. His marriage to Joyce Baker of the Vernons Girls was considered a bad career move at the time and partly contributed to Wilde’s announcement that he would henceforth be specializing in classy, Frank Sinatra-style ballads. His 1969 album ‘Diversions’ was a demonstration of his songwriting skills and his versatility as a performer. The song ‘Abergavenny’ was not a hit in the UK, but did go to number 5 in the Netherlands. The track ‘Lullaby’ was written for his daughter Kim.


Marty enjoyed success as a songwriter in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He penned the Casuals’ ‘Jesamine’, Lulu’s ‘I’m a tiger’ and the early Status Quo hit ‘Ice in the Sun’.


In the early Seventies he tried to launch his song Ricky as a pop star, but after a few hits in Scandinavia, this failed. In 1981, his daughter Kim proved to be more successful. Kim Wilde would go on to achieve far greater chart fame in the UK and USA than her father. However, he did have a lot to do with her success: he wrote most of the songs on her first three albums Kim Wilde, Select and Catch as Catch Can, and also contributed songs for the three following albums Teases & Dares, Another step and Close. He also sang backing vocals on Suburbs of Moscow. He never did a live show together with Kim, however they did perform live together on some rare occasions, most notably during the Action for AIDS concert in 1987 when they performed Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word together.


In 1994, Marty released a cd called ‘Solid gold’, which contained his own versions of the songs Shane and You’ll Never Be So Wrong.
Two years later, ‘It’s been nice’ followed, with new interpretations of his big hits as well as some other tracks. On the third album from the Nineties, a digital remaster of ‘Born to Rock ‘n’ Roll’, five new tracks were included. One of them is Marty’s own version of Kids in America.

21st Century

During his later years, Marty continued to tour almost every year with a varying line-up of rock and roll stars from the 1950’s and 1960’s. In 2007 he celebrated 50 years in the business with another UK tour which featured his youngest daughter Roxanne Wilde, and the issue of a compilation album, ‘Born To Rock And Roll – The Greatest Hits’. It included a duet with Kim Wilde of Elton John’s Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, which was released as a promotional only single. They performed the song live again during a performance at the London Palladium, which was filmed and released as a DVD a year later.
In 2013, when Kim released her album Wilde winter songbook, she recorded the track White Winter Hymnal with Marty, and they performed this song live on stage at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 21 December 2013. Marty also appears in the music video for this song.
At the end of 2016, it is announced that Marty will be awarded an MBE. On 5 May 2017 he went to Buckingham Palace with his wife and daughters to receive the MBE from Queen Elizabeth.
In 2020, Marty released his first original studio albums in years, entitled Running Together. It features his own version of Cambodia, five tracks sung by Roxanne and a duet with Kim: 60’s World. He records music videos for this track and the title track, with Kim directing.
At the end of 2020, he also releases two Christmas tracks, Christmas All Over The World and Christmas Fantasia, with two more music videos together with his two daughters under the direction of Hal Fowler and Rose Fowler.

Marty about Kim

I thought Kim would be a big star from the moment I first saw her on Top Of The Pops. When I finished watching the video I said, ‘Game, set and match!’ That was it. (1)

Marty about Marty

When I’m on the road, I say I’m going to quit because the travelling is stressful. But once I get home, I start putting dates in the calendar! I don’t want to bore people to death or look a fool, but I’d like to keep performing till I drop. I don’t want to sit in a nursing home somewhere… (2)

Kim about Marty

When I was little I could never decide whether I loved or hated the fact that my dad was different from my friends’ dads. While their fathers were coming home at six o’clock, my father was just going out to work, or he’d be away on a singing tour.
I was never in any doubt that, despite his absences, Dad did love me and my brother Ricki. He always showed me his emotions, and would sing us a lullaby which he’d written especially for us. It’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. (…)
On the creative side, Dad and I are similar. We’re critical of our own work. (3)

Interview source

(1) Kim and Marty Wilde together with all the members of the family rehearse for a unique stage performance, Hello! (UK), 1 October 1994
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Wilde, Joyce

Born as Joyce Baker, she joined the Vernons girls in the ’60s to achieve some minor successes before marrying Marty Wilde. She suffered several miscarriages, but she gave birth to Kim, Ricky, Roxanne and Marty junior. Meanwhile she also supported Marty’s career as a manager and, for a short time, as a member of the Wilde Three, together with Marty and Justin Hayward.
Joyce has been actively supporting Kim’s career as her manager since her career took off in 1981.
She also provided backing vocals on the 1982 track Can You Come Over.

Kim about Joyce Wilde

My mum is a very strong woman. She runs Big M Productions which is the mainstay of our management. She really manages all of us. When you’ve got people like that behind you you’re always ready to give it one more go. (1)

She’s certainly someone you don’t want to mess with. She’s a real character. She’s very strongwilled and has her own very strong opinions. (…) We always had a bit of a clash. It wasn’t til I got into my thirties that I started to understand her and understand myself and how we could be strongwilled together instead of fighting. That’s the sort of mother-daughter parennial scenario, I think. (2)

You didn’t mess with Mum. Ever. If you messed, voices would be raised to heights you wouldn’t want to hear, and the atmosphere would turn into something you didn’t want it to be. It wasn’t an ideal childhood because Dad was away a lot and Mum was the disciplinarian and she used to get stressed out. She had two little babies and she was trying to juggle all these things, like wanting to do what young people do and wanting to be with Dad.
(…) Mum is generous, tenacious and very strong. We have a lot in common: we both like to get what we want. (3)

Interview sources

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Fowler, Harry

Born on 3 January 1998 as Harry Tristan Fowler. Son of Kim and Hal Fowler.
He shares his date of birth with Lucretia Coffin Mott (1793-1880; American abolitionist and feminist), Clement Richard Attlee (1883-1967; British statesman, who as the head of his country’s first majority Labour government, established Britain’s welfare state in the years after World War II) and American actor Mel Gibson (1956).

Harry appears in Kim’s first gardening book, Gardening with Children (2005) and in the booklet Harry’s Garden (2006). In 2010, he played a guitar solo on the track This Paranoia, while he was also playing in his own band 10 Volts. He and the band made an appearance in a Rockumentary that was made to promote the album Come Out and Play.

In September 2012 he formed the band Blighty together with Peter Woodin (bass), Finley Kamen (lead vocalist, occasional keyboard player) and Sean Burton (drummer). They play live in the Knebworth area, Kim has mentioned the band on several occasions during interviews in 2013. Blighty subsequently changed name into Film, and then became Yellow Springs in 2020, with Will Rich taking the place of Peter Woodin and without Finley Kamen. Their first release was the song ‘Angel’ in June 2020.


Kim married Hal Fowler on 1 September 1996. Kim arrived at her village church St. Giles Church, Herts, in a horse-drawn carriage. She was accompanied by Marty and wearing a traditional white wedding dress. Hal wore a top hat and tails. A crowd of about 200 gathered outside as the couple emerged. Her three bridesmaids included sister Roxanne, who sang a love ballad, So Wide Awake, written by Marty and Ricky.
After the wedding ceremony, which was conducted by Rev. Jim Smith, the carriage was abandoned for the short trip to the reception, changing over to a white Land Rover. The reception was held at Joyce’s house in Tewin. Guests arriving at the thatched cottage were greeted by banners spanning the lane, saying: “Wishing you every happiness”. A large marquee was put up for the guests, who were entertained by a string quartet and a pianist.

Originally, Hal and Kim intended to celebrate their honeymoon abroad, but they had to stay in Britain in order for Kim to promote the single Shame, which would be released soon after the wedding. Just after the wedding, Hal declared: “I am the luckiest man alive. I was petrified but now I feel wonderful”.

Kim said: “We want to be parents and we are not going to waste any time. I can’t wait to be a mum. We’re going to try for a child this week”. Kim’s first pregnancy was announced in May 1997.


While ‘Wilde’ is the name they use in the public eye, the whole Wilde family is called ‘Smith’ in real life. For the sake of simplicity, in this encyclopedia all the family members can be found under ‘Wilde’.