Here & Now Christmas Party

After the success of the Here & Now Tour 2001, Kim Wilde was asked to participate in the third edition of this tour (after a second edition was organised in April 2002). Visage, Belle Stars, Dollar, Altered Images, Five Star and Human League did nine live shows in major arenas in different parts of the UK. The tour started on December 12 in Newcastle and ended on December 22 in Manchester. Other shows took place in Sheffield, London (2), Bournemouth, Cardiff, Brighton and Birmingham.
The set list for the shows was as follows:

Night Train
Pleasure Boys
Fade to Grey

Belle Stars
The Clapping Song
Iko Iko
Sign of the Times

Altered Images (Clare Grogan)
Happy Birthday
Don’t Talk to Me About Love
See Those Eyes
I Could Be Happy

Oh L’amour
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Medley: At the videotheque, etc.

Five Star
Can’t Wait Another Minute
All Fall Down
Rain or Shine
The Slightest Touch
System Addict

Kim Wilde
Chequered Love
You Came
View From a Bridge
Never Trust a Stranger
Four Letter Word
You Keep Me Hangin’ On
Kids in America

Human League
different set every night, including a selection of these:
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Open Your Heart
The Lebanon
Mirror Man
Together in Electric Dreams
Tell Me When
Love Action
Heart Like a Wheel
All I Ever Wanted
Sound of the Crowd
Don’t You Want Me

Kim Wilde-related merchandise was limited to the tour book featuring two pages worth of Kim Wilde material.

Tour dates

Help a London Child

On 15 April 1990, Kim joined many other stars to help raise money for the Capital Radio appeal ‘Help a London Child’, an action to help underprivileged children the London area. One of the events organised was an auction of goods and oddities at the Duke of York Theatre in Londons West End.
Kims contribution during this event was to model a black suede and leather dress, donated by Northbeach Leather of Knightsbridge. The item raised 90 UK pounds for the charity.

Heil, Reinhold

Born on 18 May 1954, Reinhold Heil studied for tone master at the HDK in Berlin and played besides in a Fusion Jazz Band. In 1976 he became acquainted with the guitarist Bernhard Potschka, who introduced him a year later to Nina Hagen, Herwig Mitteregger and Manfred Praeker. They formed the Nina Hagen Band together, which had a lot of success with their debut album.
Nina Hagen went solo in 1979, whereas the band continued themselves under the name Spliff. After one album in English, ‘Spliff Radio Show’, they decided to sing in German again and had a lot of success in Germany with the hits ‘Carbonara’ and ‘Das Blech’, both written by Reinhold. In the end, Spliff consisted of four producers, who made it possible for newcomers to have success in the music business. Out of these four men, Reinhold was probably the most successful, as he produced Nena, who enjoyed European success with the song ’99 Luftballons’ (or ’99 Red Balloons’, in the English version).
In 1986, Reinhold briefly worked with Kim Wilde, producing the song Schoolgirl together with Ricky Wilde.
Reinhold then went on to work with artists like Annette Humpe and the Rainbirds. In 1996 he started a new career as a composer of film music together with Johnny Klimek. They composed music for films like ‘Winterschläfer’ (1997) and ‘Lola rennt’ (1998).
Since the end of the 1990’s Reinhold lives in Santa Barbara, California (USA), where he has built his own studio.

Kim about Reinhold Heil

Initially it came about because Ricky was going to be working with Nena’s band, except that he couldn’t work with them in Berlin, because his wife was having a baby. So he had to postpone that project. But through Nena he met Reinhold and I met him too. They came over to England. He’s a wizard on the Fairlight and we just bought the new Fairlight, and it made a lot of sense that he came over and worked with Ricky and myself. And he was a lovely person. He produced two of the tracks and couldn’t finish it off because he had a commitment to his girlfriend who he also produces. Rosa. (1)

Interview source

(1) Europa Countdown, Europa TV (Netherlands), 8 July 1986

Heaven 17

A project from the UK production company B.E.F., this featured the synthesizer duo Ian Craig Marsh (born 11 November 1956, Sheffield, UK) and Martyn Ware (born 19 May 1956, Sheffield, UK) and vocalist Glenn Gregory (born 16 May 1958, Sheffield, UK). Heaven 17’s first UK hit was the dance-orientated ‘(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang’, which reached number 45 in the UK singles chart.

In late 1981, they released their debut album ‘Penthouse and Pavement’, which sold well. Alternating with BEF projects and various guest appearances, Heaven 17 recorded intermittently. In May 1983, they achieved their moment of glory when the single ‘Temptation’ shot to the highest regions of European charts. The track featured guest vocalist Carol Kenyon.

A series of albums followed, but Heaven 17 always appeared a predominantly studio group, whose group name was used irregularly as a brand name to experiment with various new ideas. As producers, they helped Tina Turner and Terence Trent d’Arby scoring hits like ‘Let’s Stay Together’ and ‘Dance Little Sister’.
In the 1990’s Heaven 17 were less productive but did achieve some success with remixes of their old hits.

In November 2001 they joined Kim Wilde and others in the Here & Now Tour 2001. This was reprised two years later in the Here & Now Greatest Hits Tour.


Song written by Kim and Ricky Wilde. The seventh track of the album Now & Forever. It is also featured as a reprise, the fourteenth track of the album, called Back to Heaven.
A remix 12″, containing Matt Darey and T-empo remixes of Heaven, released simultaneously with the commercially available single This I Swear was a big success in the club circuit in England.
There were a couple of remixes from DJ remix services, such as a remix by Joseph Watt for Razormaid, a remix by James Fraser for Ace and another remix released by Ultimix.

Kim about ‘Heaven’

Ricki and I wrote this and it was produced again by the ‘Breakin’ Away’ team. (1)


Keyboards & programming: Ricky Wilde, Aron Friedman
Backing vocals: Georgia Lewis, Melanie Lewis, Sarah Nelson, Richard Wayler
Produced by Ricky Wilde & Serious Rope
Engineered by James Richards

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde Fanclub Magazine Christmas 1995


You take me to heaven baby
You’re taking me higher and higher
You take me to paradise

Tonight I’m gonna fly
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of love
Towards the open sky
Gonna spread my wings and circle above
I’ve been too long on the ground
My head looking down
I don’t want to be there again
You gave me a love so real
Now I can’t believe how you’re making me feel

You take me to heaven baby
You’re taking me higher and higher
You take me to paradise
Don’t you know it feels so good
You take me to heaven,
Higher, higher, higher

The sweetest liberty
is a heart in chains that love sets free
And so you came my way
And I knew I’d found my destiny
The pain and the tears have all disappeared
And now I won’t be crying no more
I never felt so sure
Cos I’ve found what I’ve been looking for

You take me to heaven baby
You’re taking me higher and higher
You take me to paradise
Don’t you know it feels so good
You take me to heaven baby (to heaven)
You’re taking me higher and higher
You take me to paradise
Higher baby, higher, higher

There are no boundaries for love
But you know you’ve gotta have faith and trust in me
To keep the feeling strong
You gotta have faith
You must believe
Ooh baby

You take me to heaven baby
You’re taking me higher and higher
You take me to paradise
Don’t you know it feels so good
You take me to heaven baby (to heaven)
You’re taking me higher and higher
You take me to paradise
Don’t you know it feels so good
You take me to heaven
You’re taking me higher and higher, higher, higher

Feels so good
You’re taking me
You’re taking me
Feels so good (to heaven)
You’re taking me
You’re taking me higher
Feels so good
You’re taking me
You’re taking me

Heart over mind

Song written by David Munday, Sandy Stewart, John Hall & Nick Whitecross. The eighth track of the album Love Is. It was released as a single in the UK to little chart success.


The single was released on 7″ single, cassette single and two CD-singles.
See also this page in the discography.

Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the single. It was directed by Howard Greenhalgh.
Go to this page for more information.

Kim about ‘Heart over mind’

‘Heart over mind’ was a song that was sent just as we thought we’d finished the album, hence 11 tracks, and you know my brother and I were very happy the way the album was sounding and then Rick Nowels sent over some songs and it was amongst some songs he sent. It was written by Sandy Stewart who I’d met in Los Angeles and David Munday, who luckily for us was living in Hampstead in London. So he came and re-created what he had done on the demo which was amazing he’s an incredible piano player, well just musician really, a very talented guy. (1)


Drums: Geoff Dugmore
Keyboards and programming: Ricky Wilde, David Munday
Guitar: David Munday
Backing vocals: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde, David Munday
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Engineered by Stephen Streater
Mixed by Peter Schwier and Ricky Wilde

Highest chart positions

United Kingdom: 34 (3 weeks)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde talks about her new album “Love is”, Promo CD (UK), 1992


You say this love is a prison
The door’s open wide, you know
You can stay or you can go
Make up you mind
I say this love is forever
And I don’t know why we cry
When we can build a mountain high

And all this time we take up
We analyse every word and every move
You sleep on it
I’ll wake up
I’ll wake up, feelin’ what I always do yeah

Heart over mind
Say love
Say love
Say love, this time

You say this love is a dead end
A road going nowhere, but oh
You can always choose another road
I say that this one is paved with god
How can I ever – how can I make you understand

That all these nights we stay divided
We pull apart everything that makes us strong
Why don’t you try?
Why don’t you fight it?
You can think about it, think about it all day long, but

Heart over mind
Say love
Say love
Say love, this time

(Heart over mind)

Cos love breaks down all walls
No matter how high, they all will fall

Ooh baby, really miss you
Ooh baby, I want to be with you

Heart over mind
Say love
Say love
Say love, this time


Founded by Max Thornell and Johan Liiva, the Swedish metal band Hearse got completed when the duo recruited guitarist Mattias Ljung. He hadn’t actually played any metal for several years, which was actually viewed as an advantage.
The band’s first demo was sent to some magazines and labels, and attracted interest from Hammerheart Records. After signing a contract, the first single ‘Torch’ was released in 2002. After this, the debut album ‘Dominion Reptilian’ was released in March 2003. In the summer of 2003 Hearse started recording their second album titled ‘Armageddon Mon Amour’. It was finally released in April 2004 on Karmageddon Media (ex. Hammerheart Records). The album contains a cover of Kim Wilde’s track Cambodia. According to Max, the band are all big Kim Wilde fans.


‘Healthy’ is the in-store health magazine of the Holland & Barrett chain of stores. As such, it is the UK’s best selling health magazine. It is released every two months, although the frequency is nine times a year in 2006. Kim Wilde wrote columns for Healthy between January 2004 and December 2006.

Hayes, Calvin

Born on 23 November 1962 as the son of Mickie Most, Calvin Hayes was drummer on Kim Wilde’s first self-titled album. They remained good friends eversince.
When Calvin joined the band Johnny Hates Jazz he asked Kim to perform backing vocals on their song Turn Back the Clock, which she did. She even performed the song along with Johnny hates Jazz in the BBC TV programme Wogan.

In 1988 the relationship between Calvin and Kim was reported to have evolved into love, and Kim in fact confirmed that she was in love with Calvin in various magazines. Rumours that Calvin Hayes was to marry Kim Wilde in 1989 soon proved to be unfounded. Some sources even stated that Calvin spread the rumour himself in an attempt to save his band. This attempt failed, because Johnny Hates Jazz collapsed soon after the release of their second album, which by the way also contained some backing vocals by Kim.

Kim about Calvin Hayes

I’ve known Calvin since I recorded ‘Kids in America’, so more than seven years. We got involved at a family party, because Calvin is a good friend of my brother Ricky. (1)

We have fallen for each other totally. I can tell everybody that it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I have never really liked talking about my love life but there have been so many rumours about me recently that I decided it was best to get it all out in the open. We always got on well, ever since he played drums in my first band seven years ago. And that’s why our love affair is stronger than most couples. We KNOW that we have got a lot in common. I think that’s why we both know it will last. (2)

The split coincided with my album being unsuccessful. I lost all motivation then. And I think the most important thing at that point in my life was there wasn’t really a balance. Whereas now if anything bad happens, whatever it might be, there’s an equilibrium and I can deal with it. Hitting 30 was also a difficult time for me. I’d been in the business ten years and it felt like a long time. (3)

Interview sources

(1) Snapshot: Kim Wilde, Popcorn (Germany), 1988
(2) I’m just Wilde about Calvin!, The Sun (UK), 1988
(3) My Wilde days are finished says Kim, The Sun (UK), 21 July 1993


Hausmylly was founded in Viitasaari (Finland) in 1989 by DJ’s Enzo (Hannu Pulkkinen), Micky (Mika Kauppinen) and Psycho (Pekka Mykkänen). Psycho left the band a year later, when the line-up changed to include Drome (Jari Karjalainen), Lowland (Petri Alanko) and Jakke (Jarmo Valkeinen). They released their debut album ‘Schysteeemi’ in 1990. It was a hit in Finland, reaching number 11 in the albums chart. A remix album followed the next year. The next album, ‘Sä oot jees’ featured more ‘serious’ songs, although one of the tracks featured band member Drome imitating a coffee machine. In 1993, they released ‘Rakasta – ei rakasta’, a third album of original material.

The year 1994 brought ‘Peilipallo’ (‘Mirror ball’), an album of cover versions plus two original compositions by the band. Cover versions include ‘I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me’ (Nik Kershaw), ‘The Look of Love’ (ABC), ‘Girls on film’ (Duran Duran) and Kim Wilde’s You Came. All of the tracks are in Finnish, and Kim’s song appears here as ‘Niin Tein’.

Two further albums of original material followed: ‘Tahdonvoimaa’ (1995) and ‘Speedway’ (1997), after which the band went on hiatus. They reunited in 2002, until they broke up again in 2007. In 2015 they reunited once again. They continue to tour in a line-up featuring new member Tero with Enzo and Jakke.


Second album of Scottish group The Blue Nile. Contains the singles ‘The Downtown Lights’, ‘Headlights on the Parade’ and ‘Saturday Night’.
During an online chat organised by Freeserve, Kim mentioned this album as her favourite.

Kim about ‘Hats’

The Blue Nile are a band that I introduced to my husband who had never heard of them before. ‘The Downtown Lights’ is a song that I would have to say is ‘our tune’. We fell in love to this song, as we drifted off into each other’s eyes… (1)

(…) My favourite album is ‘Hats’ by the Blue Nile. (2)

Interview sources

(1) Not Fade Away, ITV (UK), 16 September 1996
(2) Freeserve chat, 1 March 2001

Hatherley, Charlotte

Born as Charlotte Franklin Hatherley on 20 June 1979. During her West London high school days she was already playing loud, scungy gigs in the London club scene with the group Nightnurse. After two tough years of gigging, a growing fan base and a first record deal followed. But her A levels (English and Music) were still not in the bag when an established young Northern Irish rock trio and their manager slipped unnoticed into a Nightnurse gig at the Blue Moon, Putney. The group Ash were looking for a fourth member, a guitarist to add beef to their heavy schedule of live performances. They spotted Charlotte and added her to the group almost instantly.

Her live debut with Ash followed at the V97 Festival before an audience of 50,000. Her first studio recording was on the 1997 single ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ and the accompanying album ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’ (1998). Inspired by band member Tim Wheeler, Charlotte began to compose. Her first song ‘Taken Out’ appeared as a B-side on the 1998 Ash single ‘Jesus Says’. Three years later the striking song ‘Grey will fade’ appeared on the single ‘There’s a star’. The positive response from fans provoked her to start writing more songs. In 2004, she finally releases her first solo album called ‘Grey will fade’. Before its release, Charlotte makes a download-only single available on her official website. The title was Kim Wilde.

A year later, Charlotte does a live tour, performing at Reading Festival and Leeds Festival among others, playing the song Kids in America.
Kim Wilde and Charlotte Hatherley get together in the spring of 2006 when Kim is recording Never Say Never. Kim asks Charlotte to play guitar on Kids in America (2006), but when Charlotte appears for the recording, she is asked to sing on the track as well. Charlotte agrees, but only if Kim isn’t around when she records the vocals.