Harvest for the World

Song originally written and performed by the Isley Brothers, who had a hit with it in 1976. The single reached number 10 in the UK singles chart.

In 1988, the Christians reached number 8 with their version of the song. Another cover appeared in 1996 on the album ‘Roots’ by the Dutch band Ten Sharp.

Kim performed this track together with Jason Donovan on an anniversary show for Amnesty International called ‘The big 30’ on 28 December 1991. They never released the track as a single or album track, despite rumours at the time that the track would be released.



All babies together
Everyone a seed
Half of us are satisfied
Half of us in need

Love’s bountiful in us
Tarnished by our greed
Oh, when will there be
A harvest for the world

A nation planted
So concerned with gain
As the seasons come and go
Greater grows the pain

And oh so many
Feelin’ the strain
Oh, when will there be
A harvest for the world

Dress me up for battle
When all I want is peace
Those of us who pay the price
Come home with the least

And nation after nation
Turnin’ into beasts
Oh, when will there be
A harvest for the world

I wanna know right now
When will there be a harvest
When will there be a harvest
When will there be a harvest
Harvest for the world

Harry’s Garden

An instruction on how to make a bog garden in a wheelbarrow. Released as part of Collins’ ‘Big Cat’ series for children, this booklet is derived from Kim’s book Gardening with Children. It contains some photographs not included in the former. Illustrations by Blair Sayer have also been added.

Release date: 4 January 2006
Written by: Kim Wilde
Publisher: Collins
Number of pages: 16
ISBN: 0007186762

Harris, Rolf

Born 30 March 1930, Perth, Australia. A talented cartoonist and artist, Harris moved to London in the late ’50s to pursue a showbusiness career. A regular on children’s television, he was instantly recognizable with his horn-rimmed spectacles, goatee, fast-talking manner and lightning sketching abilities. In 1960, his novelty recording “Tie Me Kangeroo Down, Sport”, complete with exaggerated Australian accent, was a worldwide Top 10 hit and million seller. Two years later, Harris struck again with the atmospheric “Sun Arise”, based on an aboriginal chant. Awarded the MBE and later the OBE, Harris was a distinguished representative of British Variety but seemed an unlikely figure for further ’60s chart success.
Amazingly, however, he brought the decade to an end with the best-selling UK single of 1969: “Two Little Boys”. Written as early as 1903 by USA songwriters, Edward Madden and Theodore Morse, the song topped the UK charts for a sterling six weeks.
The song is mentioned in Kim Wilde & Mel Smith‘s 1987 version of Rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

Harris never gave up on making music himself. He reached the UK charts in the 90’s with his Australian-style version of “Stairway to heaven”. He also appeared on Kate Bush’s albums “The Dreaming” (1982) and “Aerial” (2005).

Following an appearance on the British children’s television program “Jigsaw” Harris moved into a new career on television, hosting a variety of programs on the BBC, including “The Rolf Harris Show”, “It’s Rolf On Saturday OK?”, “Cartoon Time”, “Rolf’s Walkabout”, “Rolf’s Cartoon Club”, “Animal Hospital” and “Animal Hospital Week”. In 1977, Rolf Harris was awarded the OBE, and in 1989 was awarded the Order of Australia.

Harris’s career as a popular entertainer ended when he was convicted and imprisoned for sexual offences. In 2014, at the age of 84, he was jailed on twelve counts of indecent assault that took place between 1968 or 1969 and 1986, on four female victims then aged between eight and nineteen. As a result, he was stripped of many of the honours he had been awarded during his career, including the  OBE. He was released from HMP Stafford in May 2017.

Hardie, Sonja

Sonja Ann Hardie was born on 24 August 1946 in Australia, and came to the UK in 1970 to work as Terry Walker’s secretary during his time as an EMI label manager. She then moved to the accounts office of the HMV store in Oxford Street. In 1973 she was invited by Mickie Most to come work at RAK Records.

When Kim Wilde had her first hits with RAK Records, Sonja was soon appointed to accompany her during promotional tours around the world, representing RAK but also looking out for Kim. They travelled together for three years until Kim’s contract with RAK ended.

Sonja passed away on 5 January 2012 after having been diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2009.

Hamada, Mari

Born 18 July 1962 in Tokyo, Japan, Mari Hamada is a Japanese female rock singer, songwriter and producer. She started her own professional singing career in 1983. She was characterized the heavy metal idol. After changing her musical style she resembled rock bands like Heart and Journey.

In 1989, she got to no.1 in the Asian music charts for the first time, and performed live at the prestigious Budokan hall two days in succession. After 1993, she promoted to the other countries’ musical markets, especially Europe and Asia.

During the Hits Tour in 1994, Mari Hamada was the opening act for Kim Wilde at least during the European dates, to promote her album “Introducing… Mari Hamada”. This Japanese singer is one of the best-selling female artists in Japan, from late 1980’s to mid- 1990’s.

Hallyday, Johnny

Born as Jean-Philippe Smet on 15 June 1943. Hallyday’s father, Léon Smet (1908–1989), was Belgian; his mother, Huguette Clerc (1920–2007), was French. Hallyday took his stage name from his aunt Desta’s husband and dance partner Lee Hallyday, a pseudonym for Lee Ketcham, an expatriate Oklahoman, performer, and MC at the Café de Paris where Johnny began his singing career. Johnny was raised by Desta and Lee from a very young age, with Lee being his first manager.

Influenced by Elvis Presley and the 1950s rock n’ roll revolution, Hallyday became famous in the 1960s for singing Rock ‘n’ Roll in French. His debut single, ‘Laisse les filles’ was released on the Vogue label in March 1960. His first album, Hello Johnny, was released in 1960. In 1961 his cover of ‘Let’s Twist Again’ sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. He appeared on the American The Ed Sullivan Show with American singing star Connie Francis in a show that was taped at the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris. He also staged many appearances in the Paris Olympia under the management of the late Bruno Coquatrix. For their first concert, The Jimi Hendrix Experience opened for Johnny Hallyday in Évreux on 13 October 1966.

In 1982, Kim and Johnny performed the Elvis song Teddy Bear in the French TV programme Formule 1+1. According to French reports at the time, Johnny was very impressed with Kim’s talent.

Hallyday completed 181 tours, had 18 platinum albums, and sold more than 110 million records worldwide, making him one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time. Hallyday has been called “the French Elvis”. He remains largely unknown outside the Francophone world, thus earning the nickname “the biggest rock star you’ve never heard of” in English-speaking countries.

In March 2017, the singer revealed that he was being treated for lung cancer, diagnosed a few months earlier. Despite rumours that he wouldn’t perform live anymore he toured in Belgium, Switzerland and Paris in June. The last performance took place on 5 July 2017. During the night of 5/6 December 2017, Hallyday died at age 74.

Halfon, Simon

Simon Halfon started his creative career in the mail room of Stiff Records. Thanks to a friendship with Vaugh Toulouse from the band Department S. he got his first design job. He designed the sleeve of their 1981 single ‘I want’. Former Stiff employee Neville Brody offered him a job as an assistant on the magazine The Face. This is where he learned the basics of preparing artwork, and so he started to do some design on his own.

His first solo credited design work was in 1982, when he designed the sleeves of Kim Wilde’s singles View From a Bridge and Child Come Away. Halfon: “At Stiff, I worked for a few short months as a radio and TB plugger. I didn’t get on with that job, but on one occasion at Top of the Pops I was charged with looking after Tenpole Tudor’s chainmail… enough said, really. Kim was on the show and we became fast friends for a short while”.

Halfon began working for Paul Weller in 1983. Designing record sleeves for the Style Council, starting with 1983’s Café Bleu. Two years later, he started a long lasting creative relationship with Madness. Perhaps his best known artwork he made with George Michael, starting with his 1990 album ‘Listen without prejudice’. The iconic album cover used Weegee’s famous Coney Island photograph. In 1999 he started working with Oasis for their album covers, but he also got involved in film work with the band. Halfon also designed record sleeves for musical legends including John Legend, James Brown, Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra.

In 2007, he produced his first feature film, ‘Sleuth’, starring Michael Caine and Jude Law.